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The Cornered Cat Book

The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry

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The ultimate resource for women who choose to carry a firearm for self defense! It covers everything from cleaning a pistol to methods of carry. It tells women everything they ever wanted to know about how to carry a firearm for self defense.

The Cornered Cat is all about women that have chosen or are considering choosing firearms for self defense, sport, or just wanting to understand more about what their menfolk find so fascinating. This book contains a wealth of information presented in Kathy's warm and often humorous style. She tackles the serious considerations of using deadly force in defense of oneself and loved ones in a thought-provoking, non-judgmental, "between girlfriends" prose that is neither threatening nor sugar-coated, just very real.


Kathy Jackson s wise and insightful research and experience have long made the Cornered Cat website one of my standard referral points for students and readers. I m delighted to see it become available in book form. A great resource for anyone of any gender who keeps or carries defensive firearms, and particularly valuable for armed women! --Massad Ayoob Founder, Massad Ayoob Group Author, In the Gravest Extreme

Although there are many fine books available on the topic, The Cornered Cat is THE must read for the woman who has made the decision to carry a firearm for personal defense or is even considering it. As her co-author in Lessons from Armed America , I could not be more proud of Kathy and her efforts in furthering firearm knowledge, safety and training. Kathy Jackson has penned the definitive work on the subject of women and guns in The Cornered Cat. --Mark Walters Co-author of Lessons from Armed America Concealed Carry Magazine columnist Nationally syndicated host of Armed American Radio

The Cornered Cat may be subtitled A Woman s Guide to Concealed Carry, but I would recommend this to anybody that does, or is even thinking about, carrying a gun. Kathy Jackson touches on every gun-toting topic possible with a lot of class, humor, and wisdom. --Larry Correia, New York Times Bestselling Author
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Customer Reviews

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Informative book

Haven't finished the book yet, I find it to be very informative. I love the cover, perhaps you could contact the author and arrange to make a tee shirt of the cover? I think they would be popular, I know I would buy at least two!

Recommended Read

I bought this book as a gift but, I have a copy of my own and highly recommend it to anyone that chooses to shoot a firearm. Kathy covers just about everything you can think of for beginners to advanced female shooters.

Love it and recommend it to all my students.

I don't recall the 1st time I read the book, but I do recall the impact it had on me. Kathy Jackson does a great job of getting you to ask all the important questions to figure out if concealed carry is for you or not. She makes you really think about what you are doing and reminds you to have confidence in that little voice in your head.

There is a story in here about a bank robbery and a lady at an ATM. It shows how we fall back to our habits. I tell people the story all the time.