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Spartan Self Defense Keychain Spartan Self Defense Keychain Spartan Self Defense Keychain
Spartan Self Defense Keychain

Spartan Self Defense Keychain

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This handy Spartan helmet can be attached to keys or easily stowed in a pocket or purse. It's just an additional self-defense item for gun-owners, and an even better tool for teens or non-gun-owners. Something is better than nothing!

Made of impact resistant molded plastic, just put your fingers through the eye holes and use the tips of the helmet to defend against an attacker. It's designed to fit a natural fist grip. 

Color: Black

Size: 5" x 4"

CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS: This product may be prohibited in some areas, where it could be considered "brass knuckles". We don't track these laws - the responsibility is yours to make sure you can legally own and carry it in your area. If you order it, we will ship it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great quality product

The material they used for this is strong. Some self defense keychains feel like they would break God forbid you ever have to use it. But not the spartan one. This you can tell will be there for you when you need it. Plus I have pretty large hands and it fits perfectly.

Not very Practical

I purchased this so called key ring expecting something that could be easily concealed or simply carried on my car key chain. Instead I got a monster thing that was bigger than a pair of brass knuckles, excessively sharp and pointed that could injury you when reaching into your purse or pocket for your keys. My Glock is more concealable that this item and would be more useful in making sure that any threat was taken care of before it got to within reaching distance. All in all I was badly disappointed

Nice alternative

Nice to have when you can't carry. I really like the natural way this fits in the hand. I have given five of these to friends. Mostly women who don't carry, one to a high school aged young lady who just got her first job. All have different size hands, all loved it.

Finger holes seem sized for a man.

Like this as an alternative when I can't carry, but I wish the finger holes were a bit smaller.


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