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Sunflower Stippled Backstrap Spiderweb Stippled Backstrap Tree Bark Stippled Backstrap Sunburst Stippled Backstrap Barbed Wire Stippled Backstrap Tree Bark Stippled Backstrap Basketweave Stippled Backstrap Diamond Plate Stippled Backstrap Cross Hairs Stippled Backstrap Circles Stippled Backstrap Sunflower Stippled Backstrap Stippled Backstraps for S&W M&P Stippled Backstraps for S&W M&P
Barbed Wire Stippled Backstrap

Stippled Backstraps for S&W M&P

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Product Details

Personalize your M&P with stippled backstraps in a variety of patterns! It's a low-cost, great quality way to achieve a little extra grip support! 

The most aggressive of these textures are the Tree Bark and Cross Hairs and the least aggressive are the Circles and Tire Tread.

Available for all full-size and compact M&P's that have removable backstraps. 

You are buying a brand new backstrap, you do not need to send in your own backstrap. 

Prefer more "bling" on your backstrap? Find glittery Brilliant Backstraps here.

Important Notes About Fit:

** Your model must have a removable backstrap! If your model has a one-piece frame, eg. M&P Shield, the backstraps will not work.**  

M&P 2.0 Full Size: Our full-size backstraps will fit. You will just need to use your 2.0 takedown tool to install the backstrap. 

M&P 2.0 Compact: Our backstraps will NOT fit. Replacement 2.0 backstraps are not available for us to order - we will add them when they become available. 

  Order processing time -  7 business days

 Ships to USA only


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
The best custom part you can add

It was only $25 and it came that good they turned a good gun into a great gun I wish they could do all the customize to my guns.

Perfect Fit and Function

Lots of great choices on this blackstrap. I wanted pure function. I went with "circles" - wow! Perfect sticking power. I had to adjust my "death grip" to lighten up, which improved my trigger work on my defensive shooting rapid fire training. Nice work folks! Style AND Function!...Love it! Customer Service on the order was fantastic!

Crosshair back strap

So far so good. Fast shipping and fits well with my handgun. Haven't been out to the range yet but feels good in my hand.

Smith&Wesson M&P Palm swell

I ordered this medium Palm swell I got it within a week very pleased. the price is not bad also.
stippling looks really nice!

Super product

I ordered the tree back strap for my m+p compact and it arrived very quickly and the fit was excellent and the look was very professional looking, I recommend this product for those looking for something different.

Looks and functions great

Bought it as a gift for my wife. She loved it. It made the look girly without being pink!

Stylish new look

This backstrap was shipped and got to my house really fast. They had many different patterns to choose from but I went with the diamond plate. looks great on my gun feels good in your hand and gives you that little extra Personal Touch. All around great product

Something I never thought I would find.

I bought this for my wife, she loves sunflowers. I wanted to get something unique that I thought she would love, when I saw her face light up I knew I got the right present. This is as sturdy as a regular m&p back strap and fits her full size nine mm perfect. Great product​.

Fits perfectly

Genuine M&P back strap, quality custom stippling, feels great with the tree bark pattern.

Changed my pistol

I recently purchased a small, stippled backstrap for my S&W M&P9C. It was the diamond plate design. Previously I purchased my weapon and it only came with the large backstrap installed. No spares. The price was too good to pass up. Once I installed the new, small backstrap, it not only changed the look of the weapon, it totally changed the way it felt in my hand. (Installation took all of 12 seconds). I would highly recommend this product for anyone who isn't currently happy with the way their pistol feels and would like to add a custom flair.


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