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These are just ideas - if you want one of them, just let us know in the instructions. Or find your own version of them that you like, and just upload it! Engraved slide cover plate for Smith & Wesson M&P - upload your design! M&P Shield Plate Engraved Slide Cover Plate for M&P
These are just ideas - if you want one of them, just let us know in the instructions. Or find your own version of them that you like, and just upload it!

Engraved Slide Cover Plate for M&P

Remember, it's a small plate!
Find the Gallery at the Bottom of the Product Description
Use an image file (eg. jpeg, png, tiff, pdf - not a doc file)
We will contact you if we have questions.
Availability: Ships within 2 business days

Product Details

These replacement slide cover plates for Smith & Wesson M&P are made of durable aluminum and anodized in black! What to engrave on them? That is totally up to you! Upload an image or text or select one of the example graphics in the gallery below! You can personalize your gun with your own design and not have to wait forever - the plates are ready to ship within 1-2 days!
Plate Colors: Black - more coming soon.
Laser Engraving Process:  
  • Fiber Laser engraving process.
  • Resulting image will not ever wear off, as it is etched into the top layer of the plate.
  • We do not put color down on the surface of the plate, we actually engrave into it, so colored images are not possible. 
  • The engraved image will be a silvery-white tone on the black and colored plates, and a charcoal tone on the chrome plate. View the product images to get an idea of how it will look. 
Plate Options:
  • Flat Plate - No Engraving 
  • Text - Submit your text 
  • Graphic - Select one of our ideas or upload your own graphic 
Custom Graphics Tips: 
We've given you some graphics ideas in the table below. Use them by entering the graphic name in the graphic name field or upload your own. If you are unsure about whether your graphic will work, contact us before ordering - if we can't make it work, we can usually come up with some alternative suggestions. 
  • Black and white line drawings or graphics work best.
  • Two-color graphics will also work.
  • Clip Art style designs are best, without a lot of small detail.
  • If your image contains shading or gradients, we can't engrave it.
  • If it's a photo, we can't engrave it. 
Text Tips: 
  • For text, we will use a basic font like Arial unless you request something different.
  • If your font choice is a standard Word font, simply give us the font name.
  • If it is not a basic Word font, or if you want something fancy, browse free font sites (like www.1001freefonts.com), use their preview box to type up your text in the font you want, take a screenshot or save it as an image file to preserve the font, eg. jpeg, pdf, gif, png, tiff and upload it as a custom graphic.
  • Watch out for very curly script fonts - those can be hard to read.
  • We can also add text or numbers to images.
Need Ideas? Take a look at the table below for examples of the types of images that work best. You can request these graphics if you want -simply enter the graphic name in the "Graphic Name" field.   Don't see anything you like? Something else in mind? Find your own graphic and upload it!
We can't engrave:  Profanity. Marvel Comics copyrighted images eg. Punisher. Sanrio copyrighted images, eg. Hello Kitty.Copyrighted business logos, unless you are the owner or you have written permission from the copyright holder. 
 Order processing time -  2 business days
 Ships to USA only
 Custom Plates - no returns unless defective


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it!

Awesome to be able to customize especially with such quick turnaround...less than a week, reasonable price, super-simple ordering and great results! Quality of my picture doesn't do justice to the quality of how this turned out. Thanks for a great product and service GunGoddess!

Great quality and service!

I ordered a slide plate from a huge company prior to buying from here. It took weeks to arrive since it was custom, and when it did, it looked terrible. I ordered one from Gun Godess and it came in days, not weeks, and it looks great.

vietnam veteran

Made my M&P 40 more personal to me

Stars and bars

Very nice add-on to my M&P Shield 9mm. The flag slide cover, which this one replaces, was a bit difficult to see at just a glance because the scale of it was so small. I contacted GunGoddess and asked for a flag image which was 'expanded' to fill up all available space on the slide cover - and by doing so, the details would be larger and easier to see. They did it - and did a nice job. The Only critique I could give would be that the image could possibly be scaled or manipulated in such a way so as to cause the stars to appear a little 'bolder'.

Exactly what I wanted

Fast turn around and quick shipping. Really nice product


Came quick. Exactly what I wanted!!!


Exactly what I wanted and it came out super detailed.

Sent me a S&W Shield end plate that did not fit

They now know but hould have known that the Shield 9mm and .40 end plate does NOT fit the Shield .45. Their order page needs to so state. Stuff happens I understand but this is pretty basic stuff.

As good as I was hoping!

Plate fits perfectly, tougher material than my stock one which chipped, and my custom image came out exactly how I wanted it to!


Slide plate fit like a glove! Got a custom one, and it turned out great!