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Dene Adams CLEARANCE Corset Holster Dene Adams CLEARANCE Corset Holster
Dene Adams CLEARANCE Corset Holster

Dene Adams CLEARANCE Corset Holster

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We have a few corsets left in discontinued colors - we have them in size XS only, and these are available at clearance prices. If you need other sizes or colors, please view the main corset product listing here. 

This body-shaping corset by Dene Adams accentuates your natural and beautiful curves!  This slimming holster design flows with your body shape, for maximum concealment and comfort.  The corset holsters are made with a sleek, lightweight fabric, making them smooth and concealable under any clothing. 

Carry your gun with confidence, knowing that your firearm is snug against your body and quickly accessible, if necessary. The holster pocket is specially designed to minimize the silhouette of your gun, making everyday concealment safe and easy. No wardrobe modification or added layers necessary.


  • Each pocket has a retention strap.
  • Extra mags, cash or a phone can be carried in the second pocket.

Each corset includes an exclusive Dene Adams® Universal Trigger Guard Insert. This is an ultra-durable and flexible insert that securely attaches to the inside of your corset holster pocket (left or right use), for peace of mind that your trigger is safely guarded. It is attached with an industrial strength hook fastener and can be removed when laundering your corset. 

Lace Collection ($99): Smooth fabric with lace accent all the way around.

  • Lace Romance - Rose colored fabric with shimmery white lace accent, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes.
  • Lace Midnight - Navy colored fabric with black lace accent, closes with hooks and 2 rows of eyes. 

Gun Fit: Best suited for micro through compact-size guns. Full size guns will still fit inside the pocket, but more of the grip will protrude.

Comfort: The corset is made of a breathable mesh with a dry wicking lining. This draws moisture away from the body. If the weather is comfortable for jeans, you will be comfortable wearing your corset.

Care: Treat it like lingerie. Best care: Handwash and line dry. Corset may be machine washed on delicate cycle and then line dry.


Maximum concealment is achieved when corset fits snugly on your body. Compression from the garment pulls the gun in closer, while the holster itself is specially lined to smooth the rigid edges of your gun and mask its outline. Your corset should feel snug rather than too big - this helps with concealment too. So if you are between sizes, go smaller. 

Measure at the smallest part of your natural waist. Please follow the size chart. 


If you are exactly between sizes, go a size smaller.

If there's a big difference between your waist and hips, cinch the top on the tightest hook and eye row and the bottom on a looser hook and eye row. 

If you are short-waisted, leave the top two hooks unfastened and tuck the corners under. This works best for smaller guns. 

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