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Not your average car decal family, but just as important! Put it on your vehicle, a window, or any smooth surface. Easy to apply - no mess!
  • High performance vinyl (great for outdoor use)
  • Hand-made
  • Weatherproof
  • 9.5" wide x 6" tall
  • Made in the USA
Package Includes:
  • Die cut vinyl decal 
  • Installation instructions - so simple to install!
  • Set of 6 guns lined up on one transfer. Available in white.
So Simple to Affix:
  • Thoroughly clean the area where you will be applying the decal.
  • Carefully peel the clear transfer sheet away from the backing paper, making sure that all the vinyl pieces stay on the transfer sheet. (If necessary, use a small needle to lift up any small pieces).
  • Position transfer sheet with decal onto cleaned area, and use a credit card or ID card to firmly scrape over it. You cannot move or reposition the decal after it has been applied.  Wait approx. 30 seconds. Carefully remove the clear transfer sheet from the bottom up, leaving the decal behind.
  • If you get a bubble, pop it with a needle and rub over it with your finger or a soft cloth.
  • Allow your decal to set for a couple of days before washing/detailing.
  • To Remove:  Use a plastic razor or hair dryer to soften decal, then simply peel off with fingers.

Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Fun stickers

It was a fun conversation piece. The only thing that wouod make it better would be if you could customize it.

New Customer

It would be cool If there were singles of different Hand Guns and rifles. I have a Winchester 30/30. It would be nice to put what you have on your vehicle. Just a suggestion!