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Brilliant Backstraps & Grips Brilliant Backstraps - Copper - Full size M&P Brilliant Backstraps- Emerald - Compact M&P Brilliant Backstraps - Flame - Full Size M&P Kaleidoscope - Hot Pink, Red, Silver on Black Kaleidoscope - Purple, Blue, Silver on Black Kaleidoscope - Purple, Emerald, Gold on Black Kaleidoscope - Ruby, Blue, Silver on Black Kaleidoscope Brilliant Backstraps - Hot Pink - Glock with Beavertail Brilliant Backstraps - Gold - Compact M&P Brilliant Backstraps - Purple - Glock 1911 Grips - Purple Brilliant Backstraps - Rose Gold - Full Size M&P Rose Gold 1911 Rose Gold - Teal - Pink Brilliant Backstraps - Ruby - Glock Brilliant Backstraps - Silver - Compact M&P Brilliant Backstraps - Teal - Full Size M&P Brilliant Backstraps & Grips Brilliant Backstraps - True Blue - Full Size M&P Old Glory - Custom Design - Call to Order M&P - Brilliant Backstraps- Gold Leopard M&P - Brilliant Backstraps - Gold Zebra - A GunGoddess exclusive color! M&P - Brilliant Backstraps- Silver Zebra - A GunGoddess exclusive color! M&P - Brilliant Backstraps - Pink Zebra Teal - Hot Pink - True Blue - Silver
Brilliant Backstraps - Copper - Full size M&P

Brilliant Backstraps & Grips

Select model first, then you will see available size options
Find the size printed inside your current backstrap
Check inside your current backstrap to find size!
Choose up to 3 Colors to be sprinkled onto a black base color - Results will vary and will be different on each backstrap

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Product Details

Brilliant backstraps & grips are colored and then coated with a glittering process that results in lots of sparkle, and a texture similar to grip tape.  With use, the coating will become smoother, but will remain glittery. It's an easy, non-permanent way to add a little bling to your gun - just change out the backstrap or grip to suit your mood!

Available Models:

  • S&W M&P (starts at $30 for solid colors) - full size & compact 9mm, 40 & .45 - small, medium, large
  • Glock Gen 4 or Gen 5 Model 17/34, Glock 19/23, Glock 26/27 ($35) - medium & large with or without beavertail. 
  • 1911 Full-Size or Compact: Any manufacturer or model as long as they are mil-spec 1911 grips 

Important Notes About Fit:

** Your model must have removable backstraps or grips! If your model has a one-piece frame, eg. M&P Shield or Gen 3 Glocks, the backstraps will not work.**  

M&P 2.0 Full Size: Our full-size backstraps will fit. You will just need to use your 2.0 takedown tool to install the backstraps. 

M&P 2.0 Compact:Our backstraps will NOT fit. Replacement 2.0 backstraps are not available for us to order - we will add them when they become available. 

Available Colors:

  • Solid colors available for all models (included in price)
  • Zebra stripes & leopard spots can be added to any color (+$5) 
  • Kaleidoscope: Start with a black base and sprinkle up to 3 colors on top. Every backstrap will turn out different (+$10)
  • Custom color combinations: Old Glory (+$10) or custom patterns (up to 4 colors, +$15 to +$25) - for M&P models only. Can't be ordered online. Contact us to discuss

You are buying a brand new backstrap/grips, you do not need to send in your own. 

Matching Crystal Slide Cover Plate - Details Here!

Care: Backstraps/grips should be removed prior to cleaning with solvents and oils.  Some minimal "shedding" is normal at first, but will diminish. Durability will depend on the amount of use and abuse. 

  Order processing time -  7 business days
 Ships to USA only


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Looks GREAT!

Not only does this grip look awesome, it feels great in my hand.

Excellent product and excellent customer service

I ordered my hot pink brilliant backstrap about three years ago or so for my M&P 9c. The color is more of a purpley-pink in my opinion but I LOVED it! The first week or so carrying with it wasn't the greatest, it felt a bit sand papery inside my waist band but that quickly smoothed out with every day carry. There would be flecks of glitter on my skin during this time but the product has maintained its color beautifully.

One of my best friends also has an M&P9c and I decided to get her a blingy backstrap for her birthday...downfall was that her favorite color is teal and gun goddess doesn't have that color in stock. I decided that it was probably a long shot but I would email customer service to see if they could make a custom color for me. They asked for a color swatch to make sure they got the custom color perfect for me so I sent them a screenshot of a teal color I liked and they made it for me! It came out beautifully and my friend loves it!

Pretty colors but

I purchased the colored back strap for my wife's glock 19. The color was as listed. Quality of it was even and nice. Only downside is that the glitter is all over the place. Every time I touch it my hand gets covered in glitter. I am afraid this will wear off over time. I placed a clear coat on it and it is great. She loves it.
Also fast responses with questions I had.

Bling for my XDs

I ordered the sapphire medium backstrap for my XDs & love it. My EDC has always been black but now I have a little splash of color.
The XDs has a pretty aggressive grip but this one actually feels better on my palm then the original. I've left little sparkles in a few places but I told my husband it was just freedom dust. If you are on the fence just order them! You won't regret it.

Brilliant Backstrap (blue) on M&P Compact 9mm

My wife wanted to personalize her gun a little and we ended up selecting the Brilliant Backstrap (blue) for her 9mm compact M&P. Usually things look better in pictures than in real life, but in this case the actual product looks and is WAY better than the pictures! Brilliant bright colors and sparkles! She loves it!


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