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4 rings stacked together Breathe - Relax - Aim Small - Squeeze: Stackable Shooting Mantra Rings Breathe-Relax-Aim Small-Squeeze: Stackable Shooting Mantra Ring Stacked rings Two stacked rings Shooting Mantra Stackable Rings Stacked rings Two Shooting Mantra Stackable Rings Four Shooting Mantra Stackable Rings - Get them All!
4 rings stacked together

Breathe-Relax-Aim Small-Squeeze: Stackable Shooting Mantra Ring

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Bring your inner Jedi to your fingertips! On or off the range, this sterling silver shooting mantra ring provides a subtle, yet powerful, reminder of what you are capable of and what your mission is.  Available for both men and women, and wearable on any finger!

“Breathe. Relax. Aim Small. Squeeze” - This ring is a subtle phrase to help you at every turn.  When you are at the range, look down and repeat this mantra: Control your breathing; Relax your mind; Take aim at a small target; Slowly squeeze the trigger.  Off the range, when life is coming at you hard, take a moment to slow down, take a deep breath and compose yourself.  Go out and focus on exactly what you want next, down to every last excruciating detail – the perfect job, your next home, your next big adventure, you name it!  Then, pull the trigger and go after it!  You can do it, and you deserve it! 

Metal:Sterling Silver

These rings were designed to stack! You are buying one single ring. We show multiple stacked rings in some of the pictures. Get them all and select which ones to wear to suit your mood on any given day! Additional ring designs:

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Molon Labe

I Will-Believe-I Can-Achieve

Calculate Your Ring Size: Print this handy ring sizer and use it to calculate your size. Remember the rings are designed to be worn on any finger! Contact us to order half sizes. 

Who is Joe Wall?

Joe is a gun designer and currently the production engineering manager at Taurus firearms. He previously worked on the new product design teams for Remington and Marlin Firearms. He has contributed design work on 1911’s, pistols, revolvers, and rifles.

In 2016 he started looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend. This inspired him to create his first piece. He built his own process for designing and manufacturing jewelry using technologies he was already familiar with from years of experience working as a firearms designer. In 2017, he started offering his designs to the public. 

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