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Coated Bolt Carrier Group

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Product Details

These Bolt Carrier Group components add a pop of color and function in AR15 and M4/M16 platforms.

First, the BCG is coated in NiB-X. This is a proprietary Nickel Boron coating that provides long life, high reliability and easy cleaning and maintenance. NiB-X coating provides the optimal combination of hardness, wear resistance, lubricity, and corrosion resistance. The BCG components are coated and polished to reduce fouling adherence. This is especially beneficial in short barrel setups and suppressed platforms. NiB-X is guaranteed for life against chipping, spalling or flaking and was wear-tested with over 30K rounds in Government protocol endurance testing.

The BCG is available without color - just the NiB-X coating. But if you want that splash of color, the colored BCG's have a top-coat of Cerakote (over time and use, the color may show wear on contact areas - the NiB-X coating below the color layer will never wear). 

Pick one of our included in-stock colors or get it in any available Cerakote color. Just browse the Cerakote site here and pick your color (+$25). Let us know the color name and number when you select your product options, and be sure to only select from the H-Series colors. 


Bolt: Carpenter 158 heat-treated, shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected.  Engineered from  government drawings for NiB-X. Milspec gas rings. NiB-X coated (40% more wear-resistant than chrome).

Extractor: Manufactured, heat-treated, and hardened per government drawings.  NiB-X coated.

Firing Pin: Manufactured, heat-treated, hardened, chromed and certified per Government drawings.

Carrier: M16 style (heavier) carrier functions in AR15 and M4/16 platforms, 8620 material, heat treated and case hardened. Manufacturing tolerances and surface finishes tightly controlled. NiB-X coated for durability and ease of cleaning.

Gas Key: Hardened to USGI specifications and attached using grade 8 hardened fasteners.  Permatex No. 3D Aviation Form a gasket Type III Sealing Compound per MIL-S-45180 used on assembly. NiB-X coated. Staked per military specifications.

Cam Pin: Manufactured, heat treated, hardened and certified per government drawings. NiB-X Coated. 

The coatings are applied in a facility that has earned NADCAP accreditation - the highest level of process control recognized in the aerospace industry! The NiB-X coating is certified to ASTMB607 and/or AMS2433C.  

Pair it with a matching Charging Handle or Parts Kit. Select "Bundle & Save" when you add this item to your cart, rather than add each item separately. 

   ITAR Restricted Item - Ships to USA Only


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