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Bargain Bin: Apparel and Belts - Final Sale, No Returns Bargain Bin: Apparel and Belts - Final Sale, No Returns Bargain Bin: Apparel and Belts - Final Sale, No Returns Gun Goddess-Red Embroidered Polo - Embroidered Silver/Gold/Pink Logo, Short Sleeve - Size Small: Measures 18" chest x 25" length Bargain Bin: Apparel and Belts - Final Sale, No Returns Leather Holster Belt With Black Thread Ultimate Tactical Bra - Previously used for display/demo
Gun Goddess-Red Embroidered Polo - Embroidered Silver/Gold/Pink Logo, Short Sleeve - Size Small: Measures 18" chest x 25" length

Bargain Bin: Apparel and Belts - Final Sale, No Returns

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Product Details

What's Bargain Bin?

What you'll find here are products that have been discontinued, products that have been used for demo or display purposes or products missing their tags and packaging. Most products are "like new" - some products may have very minor scuff marks or signs of use, and if so, we will point those out in the description. If we currently stock the product, we'll include a link where you can get more product details and images. All products are 100% functional. 

LIST OF CLOTHING AVAILABLE - Measurements should be taken on a current garment laid out flat (not on your body). 

  • Gun Goddess - Black Padded Shooting Polo-Embroidered-Silver/Purple Logo, Short Sleeve - Size Medium: Measures 20" chest x 23" length
  • Gun Goddess - Black Embroidered Polo - Embroidered Light Pink/Hot Pink Logo, Short Sleeve - Size Small: Measures 19" chest x 26" length
  • Gun Goddess - Maroon Padded Shooting Polo-Embroidered-Silver/Gold/Pink Logo, Short Sleeve - Size Small: Measures 18"chest x 25" length
  • Ranger Up Whiskey, Books, Ammunition Women's Tee (Woman's cut Tee/Man wording) - Size Large 
    • Large Measures 16"chest x 26.5" length
  • Gun Goddess - Crystal Tee - Size Small: Measures 16"chest x 25 length


Measure on a current t-shirt laid out flat, not on your body.




    Leather Holster Belt With Black Thread

    Belt width: 1.5"

    Belt Color: Black 


    You can measure in two ways:

    1. Measure Around Your Waist


    2. Measure On An Existing Belt

    Then use the size chart above to determine your belt size. 



    • Bombs Away Red Silk Tie w/Black Bomber Place/Dropping Bombs 


    • Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra - Size Large/Gray with Black Trim
    • Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra - Size 2X/Black with Gray Trim

    The Cheata Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra offers the stability of 2-3 regular sports bras while providing extraordinary comfort for long-term wear and intensely vigorous activity. No digging, shifting, chafing, pulling or riding up! Perfect for the competitive shooting sports and for wearing under body armor! Runners and riders will love it too!

    This is NOT a holster! It's the ultimate replacement for your current sports bra!


    • Breasts look and feel smaller, lighter and managed
    • No smashed feeling
    • Allows for increased coverage in armored vests
      • Dramatically improves fit of armored vest and uniform
      • Stabilizes armored vest's position on the torso (eliminates shifting)
    • No breaking down/stretching out from extended wear
    • Creates a sleeker, smaller and smoother silhouette
    • Significant thoracic back support and improved posture
    • Ultra moisture-wicking
    • Heat dispersing
    • Rear, downward directional zipper
    • Endorsed by National Tactical Officers Association.
    Size Guide

    Take the numeric part of your everyday bra (eg. 36) and check it against the chart. This tactical bra is a compression garment. The feeling should be a firm, hugging, stabilizing security - not "tight". If you are full busted, DO NOT SIZE DOWN as you might have with other bra's, thinking that is what you would require to stabilize your chest. That is not necessary with this bra.

    For customers with restricted arm or shoulder mobility, we do suggest sizing up one size for easier on/off.

    If you are unsure about your correct measurement, simply measure around the largest part of your back around to your breast bone (above your breast area) and pull the tape tightly. Use that number. 

    XS 31" - 32'
    Small 33" - 34"
    Medium 35" - 36"
    Large 37" - 38"
    XL 39" - 40"
    2X 41" - 42"
    3X 43"- 44"



    Cheata compression bras are the ultimate athletic bra structures. The patented technologies focus on the WEIGHT of breast tissue, not simply the size. This new approach acutely addresses commonly heard sports bra complaints.

    The Problem:

    • Not enough hold/support
    • Needing to double up 
    • Digging straps and bands
    • Riding up and shifting on the torso
    • Stretching out during wear or from sweat 
    • Not enough coverage and prone to spilling out
    • Wearing out easily and needing to be replaced
    • Chaffing/rubbing on the sides, shoulders, and back 
    • Smashed feeling from tight, non-stretching fabrics

    The Solution:

    • Balanced weight distribution of breast tissue 
    • A unique combination of structural components activate this weight redistribution. No other athletic bra on the market achieves this. 
      • Breast tissue feels significantly lighter and breast movement is comfortably restricted in all directions (up, down, forward, side to side).
    • Optimal leveraging by full coverage and utilizing the torso area UNDER the bust line
    • Creates more stability. Also helps prevents the garment from shifting or traveling upwards on the body during movement
    • Premium custom fabrics featuring a controlled and comprehensive localized stretch
    • Incredibly unique Stretx™ custom fabrics provide a contouring strength that expand and contract to accommodate your movements with no bouncing, rubbing, digging, pulling, or stretching out.
      • Breathable, moisture wicking, with a silky luxurious feel, fabric will not stretch out from extended wear or when introduced to water (or sweat).  

    Before & After Cheata

     How to wear it:  

    Proper adjustment is imperative for the maximum performance of this product. Please watch this video, it shows you everything you need to know in order to put the bra on correctly! 




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