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Femme Fatale Ankle Soxxx Lace Ankle Holster-Aqua

Ankle Sox Lace Ankle Holster

Size Guide
Size Guide - Ankle Holster

To determine your size:

  • Use a measuring tape to measure just above your ankle bone. (eg. your measurement is 9.25")
  • Round measurement UP to the nearest half inch. (that now becomes 9.5")
  • Add another half inch. This is the size you will order. (order size 10")
Availability: Ships within 1 - 10 Business Days (See Product Description)

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Product Details

This ankle holster by Femme Fatale is covered in luxurious lace and features a hidden pocket to securely hold your handgun.

The 5" wide pocket accommodates a variety of firearms (compact and sub-compact size guns work best) and allows for ambidextrous wear. The design also allows for the firearm to be positioned so that it is within the contour of your leg for more complete concealment.  The closure is a single row of hooks & a single row of eyes. A hidden plastic shield between ankle and gun provides additional comfort.

Instructor REVIEW of Ankle Soxxx - by Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat 


     Order Processing Time - Ships Within 10 Business Days

     Manufacturer Returns Policy:  There is a shorter, 14-day return policy on this item. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Another conceal-carry option

    While this is unlikely to be my primary conceal-carry method, it is another method and nice to have options (or to carry two guns!! I'm glad I read the recommendations to purchase a half size up. As it is, I followed the measuring guidelines and was just under one size so rounded up as recommended. The comments recommended going up an additional half size which I did not do. I promptly returned it and was able to go up a half size all within a week. I was impressed with the customer service and the ease of return. Thank you GunGoddess for making it easier to protect myself and my family!!

    Great product and service

    I looked far a wide to find a good women’s product for my wife. We have purchased apparel and holster unavailable anywhere else. Great selection and even better and very timely service.

    Not impressed!

    Ordered the size per their measuring instructions and it was about 3/5 inch too small. I had an extension that I was able to try and while it works, the ankle soxx is not comfortable for me to wear. In addition, should it not be designed on an angle, so that as your leg circumference gets larger, you can adjust it?

    Great Product

    Comfortable and secure, what more do you need? After reading the other reviews, I ordered a half size up.

    Great concealed carry

    I am a skirt gal; love long flowing skirts. This holster is perfect to conceal my little LCP. No one (my hubby, my mom or my boys) noticed I was wearing it.

    It is comfortable! I can wear it all day without issue. Like other reviews stated order one size up.
    It doesn't move around. It's not weighty. Most importantly it is pretty.

    Love it

    Thankfully, I read all of the reviews before purchasing and I ordered one size up as suggested. It worked out great. The holster is really comfortable and holds my m&p shield nicely. I do wish there were two rows of hooks to make an adjustment, though, and that's just a design suggestion. It's the tiniest bit too big going up a size, but it would have been too tight if I didn't, and the extra room actually lets me strap it to the outside of several pairs of my boots. I wear it backwards, though. I noticed that when I wear my weapon on the inside, it shakes a bit when I'm walking, making me think it will fall out, but when I wear it on the outside, it stays put and I barely know I'm wearing it. I love the pink lace and I recommend this product.

    Like it

    It's really hard to find an ancle holster that doesn't go up over your calf and is big and bulky. This one is definatly thin and more comfortable. I'm glad i read the previous reviews on size and bought the size up from what I measured as, what the chart said would be my size would have been very tight! I have the S&W bodyguard and it fits great, I could easily fit something a little larger as well! I couldn't wear boots with it on but a pair of flare jeans hide it well. I'm happy with this purchase. Really like the products just don't love the price.

    Good & bad but not ugly

    I find this ankle holster gets uncomfortable if I have to wear it all day so I will usually switch to the other leg halfway through. I would order one size up from the measuring instructions if I ordered another one. (Yes- I would order it again) I like that it keeps my gun snug against me, it does not shift around at all. It is not super comfortable inside my cowboy boot, but it can work if needed. It is definitely a great option to have even though it is not my favorite spot to carry. This is the best ankle holster I have tried, not bulky like some others.

    Love it!

    Great Holster. Fits my .38 Special Revolver snugly and doesnt move around. Comfortable over a sock and fits right into my cowboy boots. I wear bootcut jeans and even my boyfriend, who carries also, doesnt notice it's on. Hook clasps just like a bra, takes awhile to hook/unhook l but I like it better than velcro or buttons--slimmer silhouette and ore comfy. Overall a good holster, just a bit pricey.

    A great option for many women, just not me

    The holster looks very feminine and well made but the hook and eye closure was very difficult for me.

    I know that the holster has to be snug to work but it felt too tight. It fit perfect at the bottom where the measurement was taken for sizing but very tight at the top so I guess that it's designed for women with skinny calves as I had a slight "muffin top" on my calf and it had left a deep indentation on the skin after only a few minutes of use.

    The safety of my gun flipped when holstering which is worrisome, I think that this would work better with smaller guns than my Ruger LC9s Due to me having bad knees from a previous injury I could tell that extended walking would be torture. Ankle holsters are not for me. It's a shame as it concealed very well.


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