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LED Motion Activated Light 2-Pack Accessory Shelves for Wall Inserts Key for Magnetic Lock Retention Magnets - Pack of 2 Large & 1 Small Retention Magnet - 1 XL Shotgun Shell Holder Flashlight Clip One Replacement Foam Insert
LED Motion Activated Light

Accessories for Concealment Furniture

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Product Details

 Customize your concealment furniture with these handy accessories! Designed to work in the Concealment Full Length & Short Mirror as well as the Concealment Pistol Shelf. 

Available Accessories:

Wall Insert Shelves (Pack of 2): The accessory shelf pack comes with two shelves, two loop side Velcro pads, and an 8 pack of screws. The shelves can be mounted to any height inside your insert, and may be be flipped upside down to use as a tray for smaller items. FOR WALL INSERTS ONLY.

LED Motion-Activated Light: The Wireless Motion Sensor LED Lights are the perfect addition for the wall inserts or shelves! They provide up to 10 square feet of lighting and installation is a breeze.

Key for Magnet Lock:  Simple to use on any of the magnetic locking wall insert covers or shelves.

Key Card for RFID Lock: Simple to use and works with any of the RFID locking wall insert covers shelves. Use your supplied programming card to program these additional RFID key cards. Up to 50 locks may be programmed on one key.

Key Fob for RFID Lock: This RFID key fob may be used with any of the wall insert covers and shelves to access your hidden compartments.

Retention Magnets: These magnets are perfect for holding small firearms or magazines within your wall insert or to hold your rifle muzzle in place. Magnets are available as either a pack of 2 large and 1 small or  a single XL. 

Flashlight Hanger:  The Flashlight Hangers work great with most tactical flashlights that use A123 batteries. Flashlights will snap into the 1″ diameter clip. In the back of the Flashlight Hanger is a location to hold a knife or thin accessory. Single or 2-Pack. 

Battery CR-123 for RFID Lock: The CR123 Lithium Ion Battery is used in all of the Wall Insert and Shelf RFID locking products.

Shotgun Shell Holder: The Shotgun Shell Holder is designed to hold (6) 12 gauge shotgun shells. Simple to install and allows more storage options for your wall insert. FOR WALL INSERTS ONLY.

Foam Insert for Tables: Customize your concealment table interior by laying out your gear and then use a razor to cut around each piece. One replacement foam piece. FOR TABLES ONLY.

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