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Using the Fabriclip

Some clips are pretty basic. Others, like the Fabriclip, need a bit of time to figure out. But once you walk through these steps and get it, it's so easy! 


  • Works with no belt at all, or with any size belt
  • It locks directly onto clothing and other soft materials
  • Unlocks easily without breaking or damaging clothing
  • Clip it at any angle to create your preferred cant (this means you can wear it in a variety of carry positions)

We are working on making some videos of our own for you, but in the meantime, this is a good one to watch:



  • No, the clip is not installed upside down! :)
  • Don't be afraid of pushing or pulling on the clip - it won't break! 
  • Push the TOP part of the big square frame out and away from the holster, while simultaneously pulling out on the bottom part. This will release the bottom and allow you to pop it over the center section that has the screws.
  • Pull the square frame part of the clip away from holster and slide the holster onto your waistband.
  • Now push the top part of the clip out and away from the holster again, which will allow the bottom part of the square frame to move back under the center piece with the screws, locking the holster onto the waistband.
  • Working with the BOTTOM screw only, loosen it for thicker clothing & tighten it for thinner clothing.
  • The bottom of the square frame should lock tight around the clothing AND the straight center piece. If it's not locking tight or staying on, then it's not on properly. Adjust the screw to suit the clothing if you are wearing something very thin or very thick and make sure the center piece protrudes completely over the bottom edge of the square frame.  


(You will also receive these instructions with your order)