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S&W Leather Strap Attachment

You received a loose leather strap because you recently purchased a S&W brand concealed-carry purse, which shipped to you with the wrong attachment for the S&W logo concho. The concho should have been attached to this leather strap, matching the bag. Please attach the strap to the concho and bag as soon as possible, to ensure that the concho is securely attached.

Here's how to attach it:




  1. Work the small end of the strap between your fingers to soften it a bit.
  2. Fold the small end in half.
  3. Push it through the top hole on the logo concho. The concho hole is small, so manipulate and jiggle the strap until it feeds all the way through.
  4. Now fold the big end in half.
  5. Push the folded big end through the slit in the small end. The concho is now attached to the strap.
  6. Now attach the strap to the bag by feeding the big end through the metal hardware at the base of one of the straps.
  7. Feed the concho itself through the slit in the big end of the strap.
  8. Done!

Please contact us at customercare@gungoddess.com if you have any issues or questions, but please do watch the video first.