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One discount  code per order. All items that share the same discount (eg. 20% off) also share the same discount code. So you can add any number of those items to your cart, and the discount will apply to every item in your order.  Use these codes as many times as you wish. If you have an order in process for one of these items and you have not received tracking info for that order yet, we will honor the discounts below - just ask. 

All of our purses are priced every day significantly lower than most competitors' sale prices (and we ship $49+ free)!
Tatiana: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Concealed-Carry Tablet Case: Save 20% off an already reduced price of $249 (was $289) with code  FESTIVE
Jacqueline: Save $10 - no code needed

Steering Wheel Column Holster Mount: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE  OR
Buy 2, Get 1 Free with code CAR3
Steering Wheel Mount Adapter: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Concealed Holster for Steering Wheel Mount: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Standard Holster for Steering Wheel Mount: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Ava Hybrid IWB Holster: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE  
Ulticlip Replacement Holster ClipSave 20% with code  FESTIVE
Holster Belts (Hello Sailor, D-Day Doll)Save 20% with code  FESTIVE  
Flashbang Bra Holster: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Colored Straps for Flashbang Bra Holster: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE

Chrome Earmuff Kit: Save $30 with code SHINY99
Fit Over Safety GlassesSave 20% with code  FESTIVE
Leopard Frame Safety GlassesSave 20% with code  FESTIVE 

All Shooting Mantra Rings: Buy 3 (any mantra ring style) - Get 1 Free (your choice of mantra ring) - it's a $72 saving! They're stackable, so keep two and give two to a friend! Add all 4 rings to your cart then use code MANTRA4
Livefire Copper Bullet Pendant: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
1911 Trigger Necklace: Save 10% with code BFCM10
Over-Under Shotgun Necklace: Save 10% with code BFCM10
AR-15 Bolt Face Necklace: Save 60% - no code needed
Cascading Bullet Earrings: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE

2A GunGoddess Heart CapSave 20% with code FESTIVE
GunGoddess Logo TeesSave 20% with code FESTIVE
Buy any 3 GunGoddess logo tees (men's or ladies, any style that has the discount code on the product page), Get one 2A Heart cap free! Add all tees and cap to your cart then enter this code to make cap free: 3TEES
Browning Zebra Buckmark Cap: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Lead & Petals Hoodie: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Pink Crystal Cap: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Embroidered Silhouette Cap, Long Gunor Handgun: Save 20% with code FESTIVE
Embroidered Olive Green Military Cap: Save 20% with code FESTIVE

Padded Multi-Gun CaseSave 20% with code FESTIVE
Rifle or Shotgun Rectangular Case: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Scoped Rifle Case:Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Unscoped Rifle or Shotgun Case: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Single Handgun Case: Save 20% with code  FESTIVE
Browning Cimarron Shell Pouch: 20% off with code  FESTIVE
Animal Print Shell Pouch: 20% off with code  FESTIVE
Suede Leather Pistol Case: 20% off with code  FESTIVE

.50 Cal Pint GlassSave 20% with code  FESTIVE 
Purse HangerSave 20% with code  FESTIVE
Shotshell Cigar HumidorsSave 20% with code  FESTIVE
Bullet Head MoneyclipSave 20% with code  FESTIVE

Keep Calm & Return FireSave 20% with code FESTIVE
Gun Family DecalSave 20% with code FESTIVE
Nothing Inside is Worth Dying For DecalsSave 20% with code FESTIVE

AR-15 PMAG Grip TapeSave 20% with code FESTIVE

Sabre Runner AlarmSave 20% with code FESTIVE
Equalizer Keychain Attachment: Buy 3, Get 1 Free with code EQUAL


We have extra inventory in these specific colors, styles or sizes, so we're discounting them for you. Other colors, sizes or styles of the same product will be full price. 
Scorpion Range Bag in Solid Purple or Pink: Was $84.95. Save $34.95 - now $50 - no code needed
Patterned AR-15 Furniture Sets - Pink Splash Color Only: Save  $20 - no code needed
Can Can Hip Hugger Waistband Holster - She Bang style only, all colors & sizes: Save $6 - no code needed. Save $12 - Gunpowder Blue and Gunmetal colors will be an additional $6 off, no code needed!
Can Can Corset Tank, Black, Classic, Select Sizes: Save $14 - no code needed
Can Can Garter Holster, Black, Size XL: Save $10 - no code needed
Capri Length Leggings, Grey only, all sizes: Save $9.95 - no code needed
Concealment Leggings, Full Length, Black, Size XL only: Save $10 - no code needed
Speedvault Safe - Biometric only: Save $40 - no code needed
Hard-Sided Double Gun Case in USA Flag Design: Save $10 - no code needed


There are a lot more products on sale throughout the store - look for the pink "Sale" tag. In the Bargain Bin, you'll find deeply discounted items that were used for display or demo, items without packaging or that aren't "perfect" but that are perfectly functional. Shop Sale and Bargain Bin
QUESTIONS OR ISSUES? Email us at customercare@gungoddess.com or call 866-957-1117 (Mon-Fri, 8am -4:30pm Pacific).