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Taking Your First Shot Book

Taking Your First Shot

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Numbers don’t lie; more and more women are purchasing guns and learning to shoot! While shooting used to be a male-dominated sport, women across the country have begun discovering that a trip to the range not only is relaxing, but also brings with it a sense of strength and empowerment. Taking Your First Shot is an introductory guide perfect for either those stepping out onto the range for the first time or those looking to brush up on their skills. Author Lynne Finch coaches women on the decision to learn to shoot, how to find formal training, selecting and purchasing a handgun, defensive versus practice ammunition, storing and caring for your gun, and concealed carry options.

Along with learning the shooting basics, Finch also teaches readers the importance of situational awareness and the basics of self-defense. Sometimes a gun isn’t always an answer, and it’s important to have a proportional response to the situation. Finch begins with teaching readers how to become aware of their surroundings, what to watch for, and how to respond. From there, she goes on to define proportional response and why carrying pepper spray, a kubotan, or even a whistle can make all the difference.

Easy to read, lots of illustrative images, and a lot of topics covered!

About the Author:

Lynne Finch is a NRA certified instructor in Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Refuse to Be a Victim and is also a certified range safety officer. She is also a SABRERed certified pepper spray instructor. 

In 2012 Finch cofounded National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day, a nationwide annual event to promote gun safety and family bonding through the shooting sports. Finch served for twenty years in the United States Air Force and now resides in Northern Virginia with her two adorable rescue cats, Rhiannon and Cinnia.

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This book is written in a style that anyone from beginner to expert can understand. There are many ideas for the novice and the expert. I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about purchasing a handgun. This book provides in depth ideas and questions for you to think about before you buy. Great read.