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  • Two-in-One Holster - IWB/OWB: Your Custom Design

    Availability: Order processing time is up to 10 business days

    Product Details

    Wear it inside the waistband? Or outside? You decide! Just re-position the clips and you have both options!  This holster is molded with the curve already in it, so it conforms to your body.  The back of the holster is almost smooth, making it very comfortable even with bigger firearms.  


    • Choose either zero or 15 degree cant
    • ABS injection molded plastic belt clips. Choose from several options.
    • Integrated kydex sweat shield in your choice of height.
    • Sight channel that runs to the top of the belt clip, so front sight can not snag on clothing.  Tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.
    • Made of .080 thick Kydex - thick enough to provide great durability and support, thin enough to be concealable!
    • Individually handmade in the USA.

    Loops: Your holster will include 1.5" injection molded, open belt loop clips. These allow you to attach and remove the holster without removing your belt. You have the option to include additional belt attachments to your order: either closed loops, or wings - see product pics.

    Cant: The standard holster cant is 15 degrees forward, but you also have the option of zero cant. Zero cant is best for wearing in the front of your body, eg. appendix position. The 15 degree cant is best for wearing behind your hip.

    Sweat Shield: The integrated kydex sweat shield can be ordered in your choice of height. If the sweat shield will cover the safety on your gun model, the holster is molded to allow carrying with the safety on as well as off. See product pics for a visual of a full height sweat shield. 

    • Full - covers the entire slide
    • Medium - covers half the slide
    • None - no sweat shield

    EYELET COLORS - Please note that eyelets will be visible when your clips are attached for outside the waistband carry. If the clips are positioned for inside the waistband carry, the eyelets will end up between the clips and the holster and will not be visible. 

    Switching from Inside to Outside-the-Waistband Carry

    Choose Your Stock Color!

    A heat transfer process infuses the pattern into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off! For best color resolution, all patterns are printed onto a light kydex base color (arctic white, grey or tan). The base color is selected to best match the printed pattern. So the edges and inside of the holster will be the base color. 

    Hover to view color name. Click/tap to enlarge.

    Solids & Patterns

    Camo Patterns

    Seasonal Patterns

    Custom Holster Designs

    Just upload your design when placing your order.  For best color resolution, we generally use Arctic White as a kydex base color, but may use tan or grey, depending on what matches the image best. The inside and edges of the holster will be the base color.

    We suggest you email us first, and let's discuss your ideas or your design before you order, just to make sure it will look amazing!

    Get ideas on what's possible from our custom holster gallery.


    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    M.H. (Texas)
    Fantastic Holster

    Impressive! This holster is worth the wait 100%. I had been looking into a holster for my Diamonback AM2, but many manufacturers don’t make it for my model and many are much more expensive but few if any at all are both IWB and OWB, which really sold me. Smooth edges, an exact fit of my pistol perfectly. Enough retention from the start to hold the pistol in upside down with a full magazine and did not fall out. The custom color options are also unheard of for the price, I had so many to choose but settled on black and the dark gray, it looks very nice IMO. My first holster and probably the only one I will ever need. Thanks again, I will recommend your products and will also be back for more.

    Jarek McMillion (Texas)

    Ordered this holster in lime green for my wife and the molded holster fits the gun beautifully. The gun retention couldn't be better. It's strong enough I can hold it upside down and shake the holster without the gun falling out but not so tight that it makes drawing the gun difficult. Well done on this holster.

    S. ADAMS (Indiana)
    Great fit, really cute

    You can't imagine how hard it is to find a cute and fashionable holster that isn't tacky.
    This one is. I customized mine with pink, tiffany blue, and purple eyelets to match any outfit I'll wear.
    It arrived today and the retention is great, the full sweat guard doesn't hurt my skin, and it is easy to draw and holster my .22.
    I love it.
    The processing and shipping took quite a while but I knew that going in. Well worth the wait. The pink holster is the GunGoddess holster but I couldn't hell but capture both my ladies together.

    Thanks gungoddess

    Cheryl (California)
    Awesome Everything!

    The wait was well worth it!! I LOVE my new holsters (gun and magazines)!!! I didn't have any issues, so I didn't have to contact them, but they let me know when they were almost done and then once they shipped and they arrived in just a few days!!

    Firefly (Florida)
    MUST BUY!!!

    the team was awesome to work with creating a custom design for my Glock 43 holster!! Prompt & friendly service for a rockin product!!!

    Jenny Skirvin (Indiana)
    Looks great.... BUT

    I bought the 2-in-1 holster to have some diversity in my CCW wardrobe. It looks beautiful and wears great as an OWB, BUT... it's painful as an IWB. I ordered it with the medium sweat guard. That's not the problem. The problem is a section left "squared" on the backside of the holster. This part actually cuts into my skin and it hurts! Looking at all the pics of the holsters and the ergonomics, I figured it was just to accommodate for the firearm, but this is at the top of the firearm slide and I don't understand why a jagged edge would be left like that.

    Karen King
    Awesome holster!

    Best holster I've ever had! I forget I'm even wearing my gun! Will definitely be ordering more products from this company!