Practice Ammo - 9mm Snap Caps (2-Pack)

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A versatile training tool, these Snap Caps withstand thousands of dry fires while protecting your gun's firing pin.  A-Zoom Snap Caps are precision machined from aluminum to exacting tolerances. A hard anodized finish provides smooth functioning and long cycling life. The durable design withstands over 3000 dry fires while protecting the firing pin. 


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Durable design
  • Protects firearm's firing pin during practice, training, maintenance, or storage
  • TWO packs of 5 snap caps each (not sold separately)
  • Made in the USA!

How do snap caps work?

Simply load them into the magazine, just as you do with live ammo.

For dry practice:  load an entire magazine with snap caps to practice trigger control. You can chamber a snap cap and it will allow you to press the trigger. The snap cap remains in the chamber after the trigger press, so you can just eject it by manually racking the slide and the next snap cap will chamber, allowing you to press the trigger again.

For live fire: Insert snap caps in random order among your live ammo in the magazine. When the snap cap chambers, your trigger press will highlight any flinching or jerking and will allow you to practice trigger control and sight alignment. Eject the snap cap and keep firing until you hit the next one, allowing you to also practice clearing malfunctions.

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    SML (Wisconsin)
    Exactly what I needed

    I am fairly new to shooting and recently purchased my first (but not my last! 9mm). My instructor uses these to help with my flinching, so I wanted to have some to use when I am at the range alone. So far, they have worked great and the bonus is getting comfortable clearing a jam. Def a must have for a new shooter.

    Allison King (Texas)
    great training

    I got these for training on raining and cold days. But also to get better at shooting and troubleshooting while shooting. Have only tested them out a few times but I see the good potential