Spectrum Color-Coded Choke Tubes

Extended Band Color
Black Band
Blue Band
Burgundy Band
Camo Band
Dark Green Band
Gold Band
Gunmetal Band
Light Green Band
Orange Band
Pink Band
Purple Band
Red Band
Red Band (D#62MS2PT)
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Product Details

Easily tell your chokes apart by glancing at the band of color! No need for a wrench, simply grasp the extended band and screw on or screw off! Easily and quickly change chokes on the fly. 

These Briley color-coded chokes have minimum gap geometry and high resolution RMS interior finishes, which means less pellet deformation and consistently tighter patterns. 


  • Choke constriction is laser marked, on color-coded band so there is no need to remove choke to verify size.
  • Long tube with hidden wrench slots extends beyond the length of the muzzle.
  • Wrench is not needed, but standard gun manufacturer's wrench can be used if you prefer
  • Knurled grasping band makes installation and removal fast! 
  • Available for 12 Gauge only

NOTE: The images show you the color band only, to help with color selection, but you are buying the entire choke plus colored band. The choke will be threaded for your specific model selection.

Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Dennis (Kansas)
Great Choke Tube

Quit production and shipping. Love I can pick the color band.

Jonathan Scites (Virginia)
Perfect match

Ordered the red band skeet choke in Remchoke. Arrived quickly and was exactly what i wanted. Thanks

HAYDEN CLOUD (California)
Custom Color Spectrum Chokes

A little problem at first but the folks at Gun Goddess took over and quickly fixed it. P.S. The problem wasnt their fault!

Tonya Sies (Michigan)
Making this sport pretty

Did I need an extended choke, heck no the gun came with a perfectly good one, but it doesn't give the gun a girly touch of pretty purple, so I had to have this. Always a pleasure to shop with Gun Goddess. They have an ever expanding line of quality products that help the shooting sports look better.

Todd Nadeau (Florida)
Fits great, looks awesome!

My wife wanted to make her Franchi Affinity Catalyst look a bit more well, girlish, so we add an extended choke in pink. She loves it!

Ray Gallardo

Choke looks amazing and works like a champ. I highly recommend!!!

Laura TR
Doesn't fit my Beretta 1301!

Update: We determined that the 1301 requires a different choke than the one ordered.

I tried to read what the specification were. It stated it fitted the Beretta 1301, but it doesn't!. It is pretty red, so maybe I'll use it as a Christmas tree ornament.