Garter Belt for Garter Holster

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This belt is designed to provide extra support for the Can Can Concealment Garter Holster (available separately).

If your gun is heavier than 16oz or longer than 6", or if you need to wear the garter over nylons or tights, you'll need this belt.


  • 3” comfort-weave elastic with decorative lace overlay 
  • Garter Belt fastens around waist or hips with a 3-row, all-metal hook and eye closure 
  • Permanently attached, adjustable, stretch straps with metal hooks easily connect to both the front and the back of the Can Can Garter Holster
  • Garter Belt works with both right and left leg holster positions
  • Gives added confidence during walking, running or other activities requiring extra support
  • Minimizes slipping when carrying weapons and magazines heavier than the recommended 16-oz weight limit
  • Made in the USA!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ashley Saville
Perfect fit

Holds the holster nicely and stops the holster from slipping.

Ann Marie Forest
Garter Belt for Thigh Holster

I found that the elastic that attaches to the garter were two thin and not strong enough to hold the garter and the 9mm.

Damaris Carrasquillo
Excelent for more security

love it

Rotem Dolinsky

Perfect to use with the garter holster for extra security

Sona Platenikova
Must with the thigh holster

While the thigh holster stays put very well when worn on bare legs, if you wear nylons or any kind of tights, it starts slipping. The garter is surprisingly elastic so combined with the eye and hook system it can be worn either right on the waste li e or farther down.