Floral Outside-the-Waistband Leather Holster

Leather Color
Chestnut (D#XFWG0JJ)
Floral Design
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Product Details

Gorgeous floral designs are carved onto an outside-the-waistband, leather holster. This holster is the same style as the Thrasos holster, just with the added floral design. Thrasos was the "Spirit of Boldness" in Greek mythology.

You have a choice of 3 floral design styles:

  • Classic Floral - $169
  • Annie Rose (Rose pattern) - $169
  • Annie Rose Chiseled (Rose pattern with cut-outs) - $235


  • Belt loops wrap around the belt to secure the holster in place.
  • Small and compact, lying close to the body and ensuring greater concealability.
  • If you like a little bling, you can choose to upgrade the included snaps - just find the snaps you like on the chart below! You also get to choose your thread colors!
  • There's a leather sweat shield on the back of the holster that covers the back of the slide/hammer, and rear sight. This helps when wearing clothing that you don't want the gun to be rubbing against. It also puts a protective layer of leather between your body and the gun.
  • Fits a 1.5" belt.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ships FREE!

Designed by a woman, made by a woman, for women! A comfortable holster, and the floral etching gives it an elegant, feminine touch! 

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Choose your Leather


Choose Your Thread Color


Choose Your Snaps (all snaps are included) 

Select your snaps, and type the snap name into the space provided when you select your options. If you prefer plain, just make that selection.

  With time and use, holster hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite to secure your screws. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Best customer service and I’m very grateful 😘

The best customer service as they went over and beyond what was needed. I imagine this was how customer service was 50 yrs ago but not in today’s world. The holster is absolutely beautiful. I ordered a left draw brown leather with crosses and it fits my SW perfectly. It’s very low profile to my hip so it’s easy to hid under clothes. I will be sending others your way. Thank you for providing beautiful custom handmade holsters for women.

Lori Jones
Glock 43 X Holster Review

My holster is beautiful, functional, and just bad to the bone!!! Packing and styling in NC!!! Would definitely refer a friend and would repurchase.

Mari Hiltz

My holster is SO beautifully crafted. Wow! And it looks gorgeous with my S&W 9mm Perfomance EZ. This is my 2nd holster from GunGoddess and I couldn't give a higher 5 star for quality and craftsmanship. Love it! Would highly recommend.

Joel Bremer
She loves it!

I bought this holster for my girlfriend for a birthday present. I had to give it to her a month early because she was bound and determined that she was going to order one for herself, so I had to come clean and give it to her. She absolutely loves it!!


It’s perfect. High quality, perfectly molded to my Glock 19! Love it.

Jaime Kasper
Super tough and gorgeous...

Mine is super tough and gorgeous! Very very snug getting my gun in. Almost too tight! But looks great.

Jeff Allen

Gun Godess went out of their way to make sure my wives holster arrived on her Birthday. The Quality n Craftsmanship is Top Notch by any Standards. Their Customer service is absolutely Amazing. Gun Godess get 4 Thumbs up from me
Thanks Gun Godess