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Ava Inside-the-Waistband Holster

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Choose the Ultipclip upgrade if you prefer wearing your holster without a belt!

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Product Details

Buttery soft leather combined with rigid thermoplastic make The Ava feel like holster perfection! The soft suede backing helps promote airflow and comfort!  Because the Ava has two clips, it provides a more stable platform for larger firearms.  More stable equals more comfortable! 


  • Molded with a small 5 degree forward cant. But each clip attaches to its own set of 5 adjustable holes - this means you have up to 25 different cant/ride height combinations
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Choose your kydex color (black included; other colors +$5)
  • Choose between the original, heavy-duty clips or the new Ulticlips (+$14.99), which make carrying without a belt even more comfortable and safe.
  • Choose your leather: go with the original, smooth black leather, or a faux croc finish.
  • Choose your suede backing color.
  • Choose your thread color. 

Why Ulticlip?

Upgrading to Ulticlips ($14.99) with your holster is a game changer!  If you don't like wearing a belt, you're fighting the battle of getting the retention on your holster loose enough to keep the holster itself clipped onto your waistband as you draw, and tight enough to retain your firearm when you're NOT drawing.  It's tricky!  With the Ulticlips, you can latch your holster in place and adjust the retention as you please!  That holster is not going anywhere!

Want an Ava but you're on a budget?

We are overstocked in several "Original Ava" gun models - black leather, black kydex with purple suede backing and the original metal clips. You'll save almost 50% on these overstocked models and they are ready to ship!

  With time and use, holster hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite or another thread locker to secure your screws. 

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