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Ulticlip Inside-the-Waistband Holster (Customizable)

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These are the only light attachments currently available
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Note: For small-of-the-back carry, you will likely need an opposite-side draw. Contact us if you need assistance with any of these options.
If Yes, provide details. For threaded barrel, holster bottom is left open for muzzle to protrude (please leave us a note here if you prefer holster bottom to be closed).
See product description for details - holsters without a wing cannot get one added later
Custom designs are your own uploaded images.
Scroll down the product description to view color swatches
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Product Details

If you don't like to wear a belt, this inside-the-waistband holster is your solution. The Ulticlip will securely attach to any fabric up to 1/4" thick - wear it without a belt and with thinner, lighter clothing! If the Ulticlip sounds awesome - it is! 

Scroll all the way down the product description to see color swatches and holster pics! 


  • Adjustable cant angle (from 0 to 20 degrees forward cant) - wear it in a variety of holster positions.
  • Adjustable ride height - 3 positions (move clip from hole to hole to adjust ride height).
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Clip has room for tucking garment between waistband and clip.
    • Ulticlip 3 - works without a belt
    • Ulticlip XL - wider, to fit around a belt & includes built-in screwdriver & multi-stage wrench
  • Integrated full kydex sweat shield on both sides of gun that covers the entire slide, not just part of it.
  • Sight channel runs to the top of the belt clip, so front sight can not snag on clothing.  Tall enough for aftermarket sights.
  • Made of .80 Kydex.
  • Hand-made to order in the USA!


  • The concealment wing helps tuck the gun grip in towards your body, helping to minimize printing and aiding concealment.
  • The wing is most beneficial when using a belt or with a tight waistband (to provide compression against the wing, which pulls the grip towards your body). If you don't have a strong compression against the wing, it won't work. 
  • The wing is most useful when carrying in the appendix position. The benefit diminishes in other carry positions. 
  • Left or right-handed use.
  • Interchangeable inserts allow a strong or mild rotation to suit clothing or gun size.
  • Easily screws on & off - the holster is perfectly functional either with or without the wing.
  • With this holster style, you cannot add the wing later, it must be added at the time of ordering. 


A heat transfer process infuses the ink into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off!

Allow a few seconds for the pics to load. Hover to view color name. Click/tap to expand.





For best color results, patterns are printed on a light base such as tan, white or grey (the inside & edges of holster will be the base kydex color). The pictured color swatches are all available, but if you have your own design you like, let's make your holster one-of-a-kind!


Just upload your design when placing your order.  For best color resolution, we recommend Arctic White as a kydex base color. The lighter greys and tans can work too. 

We suggest you email us first, and let's discuss your ideas or your design before you order, just to make sure it will look amazing!



 Order Processing Time is 5 weeks. Don't want to wait? Look at our Quick-Ship Multi-Clip Holster, which ships within 7 business days or less!

 More details/video on the Ulticlip and tips/instructions for use here.  You can also pick up replacement clips and hardware at any time from here.

 All About Holsters - browse our articles, especially if you're a new gun owner! Terminology will be explained and you'll get a better understanding of the various holster styles.

 Still unsure? We get it! There's a lot of info and a lot of holster choices. Please email us, we'd be happy to help!

  Limited Return Policy: We cannot accept returns on this product unless the holster color is solid black. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Solid Holster

A very solid holster for my wife. Although in this picture she is wearing a Sally brown over it, due to the cold weather, she loves how comfortable it is and that it completely molds to the firearm with no gaps.

Available in the same Muddy girl print as her other gear.


The holster came out perfect and fits my gun like a glove! Very impressed and awesome customer service!

It's amazing!

My holster came in and I couldnt be happier! It fits my gun perfectly, is easy to use and I love the way it sits in my waistband! The best part is how customizable it is! I love the versatility.

The last holster (for each gun)

This is the most comfortable and secure holster I’ve ever worn. Will buy more for my other guns!

Love these products

My husband got me this holster and trigger guard and I absolutely love it. My husband has always had his conceal and carry and I am new to having one but I love the Tiffany blue color of my gun and matching equipment. This equipment is making me feel more comfortable when I take my gun to the range to practice, when I wear it when I go on a long hike, or win the trigger guard is on it next to my bed at night.