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Stick On Holster is velcro wrapped Stick on Holster - has retention strap Stick on Holster Stick on Holster Stick on Holster - includes 3 sheets of hook velcro
Stick On Holster is velcro wrapped

Stick-On Holster

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Attach under a desk, or table, in a purse or briefcase, on a car console, or just about anywhere. Fantastic sticking power, even on fabric!

The holster is wrapped in loop fastener (soft side). Stick the separate, included hook fastener (rough side) strips on any smooth, clean surface, then attach the holster. So versatile!


  • Ambidextrous design allows for right or left-hand draw
  • Three hook fastener/adhesive pads (rough side) included
  • Adjustable thumb snap retention strap

Available Sizes:

If you don't see your model, look for one that's a similar size or contact us.

Size A: Small Semi-Autos such as Keltec 32 * Seacamp * Beretta 20/21

Size 1: Keltec 380 * Ruger LCP .380 * Beretta Tomcat

Size 2A: Small Revolvers & Medium Semi-Autos such as S&W J Frame * Ruger LCR * Walther PPK/S * Bersa.380 * Colt.380

Size 2C: Beretta Nano * Bersa Thunder UC * CZ2075 * Glock 43 * Kahr PM45 * Kahr CW45 * SCCY CPX 1 or 2 * Taurus PT 709 * Taurus 740 * Springfield EMP 9 * Walther PF9

Size 4A: Colt Defender 3" * Officer 3.5" * S&W 3913 * S&W M&P Shield EZ 380

Size 4B: Colt 1911 .45

Size 4C: Sig P239


Size 8S: Springfield XD sub-compact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Loved it

It is awesome. Does everthing I need it too!

Great product

Fit perfectly and very well made


Stick-On Holster

Great holster

Needed a holster for my EDC bag that had Velcro and these worked perfect! Great fit. Def recommendif you need a Velcro holster.


I bought two of these a few weeks ago to use at my bedside, attached to the bedrails. On one of the two, the adhesive on the backside of the velcro failed, resulting in the pistol (still in the holster) falling to the floor. Fortunately, there was an easy fix. At Home Depot, I found a 23" x 7/8" velcro strip that nicely slipped through the length of the holster and wrapped around the bedrail. This, in addition to the supplied velcro patch, provided the additional support to prevent the velcro from peeling away due to the weight of the Glock. This has been very satisfactory, and cost only about $3.00.

GunGoddess stick on holsters

I bought a holster for a Glock 27, 1911 45, and Ruger LC9. All of the firearms fit very well in the holsters. I like the thumb and the fact I can angle the holster as I see fit. I paced the hook stick on on the console of my Jeep Cherokee and on the console of my F350. Easy access. I was concerned about the hook stick owns staying stuck. The key is to clean the plastic console and wipe with alcohol, let dry then stick on. No problems. I will see if the cold winter has any affect on the glue. Change carry guns, change holster.

Stick on Holster

Fits well, good quality

Just what I needed

I was looking for a holster to hold my firearm in a small hidden space. This was a perfect choice. With the velcro it holds the holster in place and at the exact angle that I need for easy retrieval.

Petite and perfect for the job

I have this attached to the inside leg of my desk. The first time I set it on it, it didn't stick but I think it was my fault. I re positioned it and now it is perfect! Completely unnoticeable to anyone and easily positioned for me to reach for. I love it. Petite and perfect!

Other uses too!

Well, I accidentally purchased one of these Velcro holsters which is too small. But, it actually fits a balisong knife perfectly since there are no sharp edges in the bottom and it doesn't slip through! This is perfect to stick to the side of a piece of furniture at home (desk, nightstand, etc) or even in the vehicle! Now I am going to order one in the correct size for its original intended purpose :)