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Hip Hugger  - Purple Trim Black - Classic Pink - She Bang Purple - Classic Pink - She Bang Black - Classic Pink - She Bang Purple - Classic Black - Classic Hook & Eye Closure & Silicone strip lining Hip Hugger Waistband is perfect with skirts Hip Hugger Waistband is works great with pants.
Hip Hugger  - Purple Trim

Hip Hugger Holster

Size Guide
Size Guide - Hip Hugger

From the crease where the top of your thigh meets your torso (panty line), go up 5" and take your measurement there for Classic Hip Hugger. Go up 6" and take your measurement there for Big She Bang. Keep in mind that your Hip Hugger has 3 rows of hooks/eyes which gives you 1.5" of adjustment (in 0.5" increments). For additional adjustment, the optional Extender gives you an extra 3.5" to 5". 

Small 29" - 32"
Medium 33" - 36"
Large 37" - 40"
XL 41" - 45"

* For size 2X - just order an XL Hip Hugger plus an extender.

Keep in Mind:

  • Elastic stretches. It is normal to get some stretch. The stretch has already been accounted for in the size chart. Please do not over-tighten the measuring tape. 
  • If you need more room or you want to wear your holster both high and low and need something to span the gap... just extend!
Availability: Ships within 5 business days

Product Details

So classy, so sexy and so perfectly functional! The Hip Hugger waistband holster by CanCan Concealment offers versatility and all-day comfort wear.  This is not your ordinary belly band holster - there's no front or back, just swivel to position your preferred holster pocket wherever you want it!

You have 2 style options: Classic or She Bang.

Classic Style: is a 5" wide waistband and is best for guns with a total length of 4" - 6". The smaller your gun, the deeper it will sit inside the holster pocket. The longer your gun, the more of the grip will protrude from the pocket.

If you have a 6" gun and you prefer it to ride deeper inside the holster pocket, or if your gun is longer than 6", you'll want to go with the She Bang style instead.

She Bang Style: this is 6" wide instead of 5" wide, better suited for larger guns that are over 6" long. 

  • Military-grade elastic waistband with colored ribbon and embroidery trim
    • Classic is 5" wide (best for guns 4-6" long)
    • She Bang is 6" wide (best for guns over 6" long)
  • Multiple gun pockets & accessory/mag pockets - pick your perfect placement!
    • Classic has 4 holster pockets (2 of these have rare earth magnets for extra retention)
    • She Bang has 3 holster pockets (1 of these has rare earth magnet for extra retention)
    • Try front, back, right, left or cross-draw
  • Re-holstering tabs for safe, easy, no-look re-holstering
  • Magazine pockets are lined for no-snag use
  • Two rows of hypoallergenic, non-slip silicone keep your holster in place all day
  • 3 rows of hooks and eyes to allow half-inch adjustments for a perfect fit
    • No velcro-style fasteners scratching you or snagging your clothes

Colors:Black waistband with pink, black or purple embroidered trim. 

Sizing:Available in S to XL. Check the Size Guide above the "Add to Cart" button.  Need a bigger size? Either use an extender or check the Sport Belt, available up to size 3X.

Extend: Need more room? Want to carry lower or higher? Pregnant or have weight fluctuations? The optional Size Extender is the solution that gives you 6 additional rows of eyes (in 0.5" increments) and extends your Hip Hugger by 3".

Why use an optional Size Extender?

  •  Carry high on the waist OR low on the hips! If you want to wear your holster to carry higher on your waist under stretch-top skirts or higher-waisted slacks AND you like to carry under low-rise jeans...the Extender is your answer!  No need to buy 2 holsters! Just buy the size that best fits your waist measurement, then extend!  
  • You just need a bit more room!  If you are on the larger end of XL or wear a 16+, extend! Perfect for temporary weight fluctuations or pregnancy. 

Need to carry cash, cards or keys? Take a look at the new Hip Hugger Elite. It only has 2 holster pockets instead of 4, but it has a zippered pocket and a key fob. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 115 reviews
        Fantastic Holster

        Hi! This fit and functioned just as described. What surprised me is that it is very comfortable for long-term wear, and not remotely bulky under clothing. A fantastic product. Thanks, Gun Goddess!

        So comfortable and versatile!

        I was skeptical about this style of holster but wanted to try something that would allow me to carry without having to wear a belt, like when I wear skirts or yoga pants. I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable and secure this is! The elastic really is cut for curves, so I can wear it low on my hips the way I like. The construction is very sturdy and I’m impressed by the number of hook & eye closures. I also ordered the expander so I could carry low or high and have room for changes in my waistline, as we all know happens at certain times of the month! I also like that you can swivel this to any position you want so your pistol is exactly where you like it. Of course, that means the lacing might not be I’m the back, but that doesn’t affect the function. I’m currently using this with my Kimber solo, but I can tell it will easily accommodate the larger 1911 I’ve had my eye on. As other reviewers have mentioned, I did notice a slight chemical odor at first, but it has aired out and is not a problem. I have not yet washed it but I can tell the quality is excellent and I have no reservations about washing it.

        Gun Corset

        OMG! I love this one!! I've been looking for the perfect corset for my carry gun for a year now! This one is it and even more! It has everything I need and is well made! It did have a funny smell at first but I've aired it out and it's much better now.

        Great Customer service

        I originally wrote a negative review of how the holster smelled. I was immediately contacted and told they had sent a new one out because of a defective batch. I am very pleased with the great customer service.
        My original post had stated the product smelled awful. However the design was extremely comfortable and well made.
        I appreciate the company correcting the issue, as most wouldn't bother.
        Will definitely be ordering the rest of my holsters with them.


        I have not received this item yet


        The SMELL of - I guess the rubber - used in the holster is unbearable !!!! Great looking but the smell is so bad I can not wear this in public, fearing people will think it is me that stinks.

        Great investment!

        Worth every penny! My favorite part about this holster is the multiple ways of wearing your gun and the multiple pockets for your other things! If I don’t want to take a purse with me, I can fit my phone, car keys and my 6-card skinny wallet and a tube of chapstick all in the holster and no one would know! Everything feels secure and I have no worries about anything riding up, down or slipping at all while wearing this. I am recommending it left and right! Thank you for making such a great product for women!

        Hip hugger Elite

        I love the product, but I mistakenly ordered the wrong size. I returned it and now await the correct size


        most functional and versatile holster for a left handed woman i could find anywhere!!...kudos to you Gun Goddess!

        Hip Hugger Elite, hell yeah!

        Love this versatile, feminine holster. So nice to have something built specifically for women! I will post a picture when I get my new size! Can’t wait!