Flashbang Bra Holster

Holster Color
Alpine Snow
Citrus Orange
Gunmetal Grey
Leaf Green
Lemon Yellow
Neon Pink
Police Blue
Tiffany Blue
Gunmetal Grey (D#H72A30D)
Nude (D#8K1T9NE)
Tiffany Blue (D#PD4GELO)
Neon Pink (D#LSHBF50)
Nude (D#5O7QRNB)
Neon Pink (D#PW4KVD8)
Alpine Snow (D#7C2Y18G)
Purple (D#ACF9B0V)
Police Blue (D#KEOX1ZH)
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Product Details

The Flashbang has been a customer favorite for years! Now, it's available in your choice of color for both the kydex holster and the straps, and in several additional gun models! 

How does it secure the gun?

  • The Flashbang is a molded kydex (thermo-plastic) clamshell that snaps into place over your gun.
  • It tucks underneath a bra band, where it is secured in place by both the band itself and a soft suede strap, that snaps around the center portion of the bra between the bra cups.
  • The open-bottom design of the holster allows the gun to be drawn simply by pulling straight down on the grip of the gun, while the suede strap keeps the holster securely attached to the bra.

How do you draw from it?

  • To draw the gun, use your weak-side hand to pull the hem of your shirt away from your body.
  • Then pull straight down on the firearm with your shooting hand.
  • Because of the way the Flashbang holster is made, the trigger guard is fully covered until the gun is pulled away from the body while at the same time allowing a full combat grip on the firearm. 
What about different bra sizes?
  • The Flashbang bra holster comes with three straps in different lengths (short, medium, long) to accommodate the majority of bras.
  • Each strap has a directional snap that allows you to quickly put the holster on and take it off, but prevents the holster from being forcibly removed or accidentally knocked loose.
  • You can add an optional extra long strap available, which is perfect for sports bras - it will fit bras up to 5" wide. 
  • If you want to change up your strap colors for a different look, you can get extra sets at the link below. 
  • Because the gun actually rests partially inside the bra cup, the only portion that's visible is the grip.
  • Although a larger bust line improves concealment, a looser shirt with a pattern on it or a bit of fullness can help a woman with a more athletic physique to conceal the firearm.
  • Some bras may also work better than others, which is why the different strap sizes are included, so you can use the one that fits your bra style best.
  • The straps can be easily changed using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • As with all holster options, whether this type of holster works for you, your circumstances or your body composition or size, is a personal decision. 

    Flashbang Color and Strap Options: 

    • Traditional Kydex Hard Plastic Shell ($59 black & $66 all other kydex colors) - The entire clamshell holster is made with 0.80 thick kydex. 
    • Select your kydex color, your attached strap color AND get a free, extra set of straps in your choice of color! Mix and match them! 
    • Get extra straps anytime from here.

    Handmade in the USA!

    Videos & FAQ's: 

    This is great info with tips you will find handy - please take the time to read the FAQ's and watch the videos before you start using your holster! 



      With time and use, holster hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite to secure your screws. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 103 reviews
    Liliana Rodriguez
    Great way to Carry

    I love this everyday carry. Super comfortable when you find the perfect bra. For me a lightly padded bra works best. Just as a reference I'm 5 feet and 160 pounds (mostly muscle due to crossfit) 😄

    Katherine McFarren

    I bought this holster a while back but I wanted to wait to write a review until I had really tested it. I like to carry when I go on running, mountain biking, etc and it has been challenging to find a holster that actually feels secure, especially when running, but this bra holster does! I have a SW J frame, and it took a bit to find the best way to wear it but I've used it a lot at this point and I love it. It protects well from sweat, has a snug fit but is easy to withdraw from even with a loose bra. Customer care is also very helpful and responsive. Highly recommend

    Shay Brautigam
    Awesome Holster

    This holster is the absolute best way for a woman to conceal carry. I love that I can wear a fitted top and still carry without worrying about anyone being able to see my weapon. Love, love, love this holster.

    Tricky but work

    I ordered 3 flash bang (bra) holsters. As a busty, curvy woman I have had a hard time finding comfortable holsters for CC. I have tried many. These are my go to but with the design of the clasps they can get a bit caddy whompus and stick out in a weird direction (which is easily correctable, just awkward sometimes). I have tried multiple "carry' positions with them and it always seems to be the same outcome. Getting the gun out of the holster is easy enough but getting it back in discretely is not an option. I can wear more form fitting professional clothes and still CC with these holsters. On a customer service note, I asked that since these are custom made to please have the long straps attached. That did not happen so before I could do anything, I had to change the straps. Overall they are good and I think very good quality. I do enjoy them but there is certainly room for improvements to accommodate the larger woman.

    Summer Whelchel
    Extremely excited for this holster

    Well I *should* be able to review my bra holster, but it was chewed to pieces by our new puppy - no real fault of his own, it was the mailman's fault! Boo. BUT, I reordered immediately, and Gun Goddess even discounted my order to try and help ease some of the pain of two expensive holsters purchased for the use of one. Anxiously awaiting my holster, and because my sisters all ordered at the same time I *know* I'm gonna love mine, too!

    Jeannette Lange

    Love how I can wear anything now to carry! Leggings are my life so a clip was terrible and a band was just uncomfortable. Love my flash bang!! And the color is beautiful!!

    Rachel Kinney

    My gun fits the holster like a glove, very tight fit, which is good because my revolver has no safety. I use the short strap mostly and the holster tucks in under my bra perfectly. You can’t even see it with my tight shirts, though it does make my boobs look slightly larger. (Not a complaint lol) If I ever get another small gun, I will purchase another one. So hands down 5 stars.