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Dene Adams Corset Holster

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This body-shaping corset by Dene Adams accentuates your natural and beautiful curves!  This slimming holster design flows with your body shape, for maximum concealment and comfort.  The corset holsters are made with a sleek, lightweight fabric, making them smooth and concealable under any clothing.

  • Each pocket has a retention strap.
  • Gun fits snug against your body, minimizing printing.
  • Deep concealment with quick access.
  • Extra mags, cash or a phone can be carried in the second pocket
  • Width: 9" at its widest point at the back and tapers down to about 7" at the hook/eye or zipper closure area in the front.
Three Styles to Choose From: 
  • Natural - Solid nude color, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes. Dene Adams logo. 
  • Black Zipper - Solid black color, closes with zipper. Dene Adams logo. 
  • Opal Lace(+$11) - Silver color with white lace overlay, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes. 

Sizing:  Available from XS through 4X. Check the size guide and follow measuring instructions for best fit!

Gun Fit: Best suited for micro through compact-size guns. Full size guns will still fit inside the pocket, but more of the grip will protrude.

Comfort: The corset is made of a breathable mesh with a dry wicking lining. This draws moisture away from the body. If the weather is comfortable for jeans, you will be comfortable wearing your corset. The width of the corset is 9" at its widest point at the back and tapers down to about 7" at the hook/eye or zipper closure area in the front.

Trigger Guard: Includes small, universal trigger guard insert - an ultra-durable and flexible insert that securely attaches to the inside of either corset holster pocket, for peace of mind that your trigger is safely guarded. 

Pair it with our Adhesive Velcro Holster: The corset is perfectly safe without the trigger guard! But if you want the extra peace of mind (just personal preference), pair the corset with our Adhesive Velcro Holster (Quick-Ship). The holster will be molded specifically for your gun model and is a perfect fit inside the corset gun pockets. It ships with 4 sheets of hook and 4 sheets of loop velcro, and can be used inside purses/backpacks as well. 

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