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Concealed Carry Waist Pack - not your regular gun fanny pack! Black concealed-carry waist/belt pack Interior - Black concealed-carry waist pack Purple leopard concealed-carry waist/belt pack Interior - Purple leopard concealed-carry waist pack Zebra concealed-carry waist/belt pack Interior- Zebra concealed-carry waist pack Choose the adjustable velcro strap that best fits your handgun Slide your firearm through the strap as shown Place firearm on velcro backing to secure it
Purple leopard concealed-carry waist/belt pack

Concealed-Carry Waist Pack

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Product Details

This concealed-carry waist pack with an adjustable belt is perfect for those times when you don't want to carry a purse, but still need to carry a few essentials, including your firearm.  It's a versatile off-body carry solution that doesn't scream "gun inside"! 

The pack has two zippers, so you can position them exactly where you need them for your draw. A fabric loop is sewn into each corner of the pack - pull one of the loops out and position the zippers closed on either side of it. To open the pack, simply yank down on the loop - both zippers will separate, allowing you to draw quickly and easily. The belt is about 50" in length end to end - so it is very versatile and can be adjusted for all waist sizes.


  • Heavy-duty fabric exterior
  • Double lockable zipper pulls
  • Outside accessory pocket 
  • Inside reinforced elastic pockets fit 2 magazines
  • Inside sewn-in hook & loop fastener backing
  • 2 reinforced belt loops on back
  • 2 sizes of adjustable hook & loop fastener handgun straps to secure weapon placement
  • 1 adjustable black nylon belt
  • Large pack is 6" wide x 7" high inside the main compartment 
  • Medium pack is 5.5" wide x 6" high inside the main compartment - medium is being discontinued, limited to stock on hand

Will your gun fit?

We do not have a model-specific fit list. What you'll need to do is measure the length of your gun, end to end.

If your gun is up to about 5.5" long - order a medium pack. 

If your gun is up to about 6.5" long - order a large pack.

These measurements allowabout a half inch of clearance around the zipper. If your gun is longer than 6.5", it will likely be too tight of a fit to work in this pack. 


 Order Processing Time - 1 Business Day



Choose the adjustable velcro strap that best fits your handgun

Slide your firearm through the strap as shown

Pull strap to tighten - but keep it loose enough to be able to draw your firearm

Place firearm on velcro backing to secure it.

Setting up the Belt 

Your waistpack loops may be big enough for the fork to pass through. If not, pass the belt through the loops first, then follow the step-by-step instructions. 

1. Remove the fork from the buckle.

2. Lay the belt out with the right side up to the top (ie. seams are on the bottom)

3. Position fork as shown in image 3 and feed loose end of strap up and through the first gap. Loop it over into the second gap and pull through.

4. Pull more of the belt through the fork.

5. When you get to the slider, thread the belt up and over through the slider. 

6. Adjust length as needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews

I've been looking for a holster like this for a long time! Absolutely perfect! And the price knocked my socks off! Thank you!

Great buy

The concealed carry purse is perfect for my weapon. Fits like an everyday purse. Not able to tell its has my weapon inside.

Worth it

I’ve tried several different holsters. I drive a truck and get in and out of it quite a bit through out the day. My hip compression holster started to irritate after several hours. The clip holsters pull my pants down unless I’m wearing tight jeans. The concealed carry purse is great. I start my work day at 3am. I’m able to get in and out of my truck no comfort issues at all. It’s a light weight bag so it’s mostly the weight of your gun. My only 2 thoughts... I really wish it came in more solid colors. I wish the was a style that looked more like a tool belt but still light weight.

A Great Value

I actually ordered fanny packs from three different companies. The other two, although well made and twice the price, were just too heavy and cumbersome for daily use. I love this one. Light, functional and stylish at a very affordable price. Already recommended it to some of my other lady friends.

Perfect everyday carry purse.

This is great for when I go hiking with my dog. Has room for my cell phone and id. And great for when I don't want to take my purse some where. Love it.

This has been my EDC purse for six years!

This is my Every Day Carry and holds everything I need for just about any situation. It's almost perfect. IT WOULD BE PERFECT IF: 1. if the outside pocket were a bit wider; 2. there was a little holder beside that pocket for a pen; 3. discreet moly webbing or slot on the back for a small knife or ruler or pepper spray or personal alarm, whichever would be my personal choice.

Love it

It's a great fit for my Ruger LCP. The waist pack is perfect when you don't want to carry a bulky concealed carry purse. Its well made for the price.

Sturdy, well made, functions great!

Pack is perfect size. I am a small person so actually concealing a firearm is just not happening. This is a great option.

Just the ticket

This is just what I have been looking for. Didn’t want a bulky purse or a bulky fanny pack This lays pretty flat and you can’t tell what’s inside


I was pleased at how sturdy the construction is. I've got my Taurus 9mm and it's snug but a good fit. Love the adjustable Velcro holster inside. The only thing I don't like about it is it looks very utilitarian as I'm wearing it. But I still wear it because tis the season to carry!