Flat Back Velcro Holster

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Product Details

This holster has a flat back lined with Velcro and is designed to be mounted to a hard surface like furniture or inside a vehicle. It can also be attached with hardware. 

The holster includes the hook side (the rough side) attached to the back of the holster and a loose sheet of adhesive-backed loop (soft side).  


  • Zero cant angle.
  • Sight channel is tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.
  • Open bottom.
  • 0.80 thick kydex.
  • Attach to any surface that you can attach soft side Velcro to. 
  • Rivets hold the 2 halves of the holster together so it can be mounted to a hard surface by fasteners as well. 
  • Made in the USA!


Picture this holster as though you are wearing the flat side against your body.  If that is how you are going to need it positioned for your draw, eg. inside a jacket pocket on your strong side or on the inside of a vehicle center console that you can draw from the driver's side, then you would need to order the same draw as if you were wearing it on your waistband, ie. order your strong-side draw. 

If you are going to attach this holster to a surface away from your body, or facing your body, then mimic or visualize your draw from that position, to figure out where the grip will end up and which side you need the velcro on. Some applications would need an opposite side draw than what you'd get if it was on your body - eg. attached on the outside of a vehicle center console on the drivers side (as shown in the main product pic).

With the gun inserted, a right-hand draw flat-back holster will have the velcro (flat side) on the gun's left side. A left-hand draw holster will have the velcro (flat side) on the gun's right side. Ask us if you need guidance on this. 


Because of the construction of the holster, there is no adjustable retention or "audible snap" retention. This is impossible when one side of the holster is flat, rather than molded around the gun. There is some retention, you just can't tip the holster upside down, shake it and expect the gun to stay in the holster. So this holster is best suited for hard surfaces or applications where it will remain upright. Some customers do use this holster inside bags and packs, we just want you to be aware of the way the retention is impacted by the flat-back design, so that you can make a good decision about which product is best for you.

For retention that keeps the gun in the holster even when tipped upside down, take a look at the Adhesive Velcro Quick-Ship Holster instead. That ships with loose hook and loop velcro sheets, so you can attach as needed. It also has a lot less kydex material (since it's not designed to be mounted to a surface), so it's better suited for use in bags, packs or pockets. 


Choose Your Stock Color!

A heat transfer process infuses the pattern into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off! For best color resolution, all patterns are printed onto a light kydex base color (arctic white, grey or tan). The base color is selected to best match the printed pattern. So the edges and inside of the holster will be the base color. 

Hover to view color name. Click/tap to enlarge.

Solids & Patterns

Camo Patterns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Andy Palzkill (Colorado)
ok but...

The kydex pattern was not what i was expecting. Instead of the whole holster being the pattern it was just one small area. Otherwise it was delivered as advertised.

The Cherry Blossom pattern is not one of our repeating patterns - it is just centered as large as possible on the available flat part of the holster, which varies in size depending on the gun model. Our CustomerCare team will reach out and work with you by email, because we do want you to be happy with your holster.

Randy Haddon (Oklahoma)
Perfect fit

It securely retains the gun in my backpack.

J. Roberts (Maine)
Great product quality, good communication & reasonable delivery time…

Bought this holster to mount my Glock 9mm in my entry coat closet….
Fit my gun perfectly, & high quality construction.
Highly recommended!

Boyd Francke (Kentucky)

Great holster (Flatback)....well made...high quality...well worth the wait.

MAJ Morgan (Florida)
Excellent in Maxpeditiion Versipack

The flatback holster is exactly what I was looking for... a way to carry a G34 with TLR1HL in a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack shoulder bag. Velcro holds securely on the draw, can be drawn with one hand only. Ordered in White Kydex so I can see into the dark zippered compartment on reholster. Well worth the wait. The extra piece of Velcro included with the holster is a nice touch, could be used to mount under a desk or in a nightstand drawer, assuming you don't have children in the home.

David P (Arizona)
Awesome velcro holster

My second order. Fit perfect out of the box, like the first one. Manufacturing and shipping takes longer than usual, but it's understandable given the current climate. Great price to value prop too. Highly recommend this company. Great selection, even for men :)

Kevin Bouc (Nebraska)
Flat Black Velcro Holster

My hats off to Gun Goddess on a great product. The quality of the holster is a-one. The turnaround time on my order was very acceptable. I definitely recommend it to anyone that is in the market for a new holster.