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You asked for it...The GunGoddess shooting shirt, in elegant black/silver with either pink, purple or teal. Or try the fun, leopard print version!  

The shirts are not purchased on this website, they are ordered directly from Gemini and will be custom-made for you here in the USA. Pricing will be available at the Gemini button link below, and this varies according to shirt style and selected options.

Front: The pre-set position of GunGoddess logo cannot be changed. You can add your name, and additional logos, if you wish.

Back: The pre-set position of GunGoddess logo cannot be changed. You can add your name, and additional logos, if you wish.

Sleeves: Blank. Add GunGoddess logo or your own.

Three shirt styles are available: a zippered polo, a crew neck and a V-neck style, in both short and long sleeves.

You have the option of a "Shooter's Cut" - This will taper the shirt in so that it's 2" narrower at the waist. The photos are of a shooter's cut shirt. If you want this, you should request it in the Gemini instruction box when you place your order. You can also do so at the time they send you the electronic proof. 

Pricing is a special GunGoddess rate - you will go directly to Gemini's website to place your order. Just click the button below. THIS WILL BE A SEPARATE TRANSACTION TO ANY ORDER THAT YOU PLACE FOR OTHER ITEMS ON GUNGODDESS.COM.


Design Options


How your shirt is made:

It is produced using a process called Dye Sublimation. Most pieces start out as a single section of large white material. This material is then dyed using a ultra high temperature heat press to create one large piece of dyed fabric. All of the smaller pieces (sleeves, collar, front, back, ect.) are then cut out from the larger piece, hemmed, and subsequently sewn together to become the finished product.

Material Specs:

Wear-Resistant: Patented Intera® fabric on all of our jerseys that will not fade and it is extremely resistant to wear. Because the material itself is dyed it will not peel or wear off like screen printing.

UV Protection: G2 apparel is built to handle extreme sun exposure with an outer shell that shields your body from harmful UV rays. 

Anti-Microbial: Fabric resists bacteria and continues to smell fresh—wash after wash. Specially finished using a micro-thin coating, jerseys continue to look new even after months of wear.
Temperature Management: Intera patented material keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The pores of the fabric expand whenever it is warm outside, which allows air to freely pass through. The pores contract in colder weather, which serves to insulate.

Moisture Transfer: Fabrics are designed to transport moisture away from your body and toward the outer layer of the fabric where it can quickly evaporate.
Ventilation: Breathable fabric means always feeling fresh—even under the most strenuous conditions.
Moisture Wicking: Surface moisture and sweat wick to accelerate evaporation, keeping you dry while also serving to regulate body temperature.

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For Current Order Processing Time - Check Gemini's website when you place your order.



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