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Ultimate 3 Gun Case by Patriot Cases

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Product Details

This is the ultimate 3 Gun storage/travel case - tons of features, and you know we love to offer you options for personalization! We'll send you a GunGoddess label and a custom name label for the case exterior, at no extra cost! 

Top Layer:

  • Cut for an AR with a Magpul PRS stock, which will allow for ANY stock to fit in the cut out.  
  • Area cut out for a scope/optic - any scope will fit.
  • Barrel length is cut for an 18″ rifle - any rifle will fit.
  • Round space for belt.
  • Cut out for shotgun extension tube.
  • There is room for additional cuts in this upper level to further customize your case. 

Lower Layer: 

  • Two 30 round mag slots (2 mags fit in each slot) and two 40 rd mag slots (2 fit in each slot).
  • Cut out for a pistol (5″ limited/standard production semi-auto). Open Pistols will need a slight modification of the foam to fit. 
  • Cut out for 5 pistol mags.  
  • Room for an additional pistol or accessories.  
  • Shotgun is laid vertically at the opening of the case if it has no pistol grip (most 3-gun, semi-auto shotguns do not have pistol grips, so they will fit perfectly in the cut-out). If yours has a pistol grip, your case will need to be custom-made to accommodate it - please email us

Lid Strap System: 

You'll love this idea!  The lid has molded plastic brackets with hook & loop fasteners installed so you can remove the lid foam and insert a soft gun bag for use at the range. 

Features Summary:

• Injection Molded

• Field replaceable latches

• Dust proof O-ring seal

• Pressure relief valve

• High density foam interior

• Purpose built for firearm use

• Fully stackable

• Padlock compatible

• Collapsible, comfort grip handle

• Wheels allow for easy transportation

Foam Cuts: This case was designed after a lot of input from 3-gun shooters! The foam layers are pre-cut to be a universal fit for most 3-gun gear, but you can make additional cuts and changes as necessary to customize it for your own gear.

Foam Specs: Mil-Spec case with pre-cut 2.2lb mil-spec closed cell polyethylene foam.  Passes Mil-C 810, 4150J, FAA and ATA Category 300 for protection.  Foam is impervious to oils/solvents and the extreme density gives superior protection to scoped rifles and sensitive equipment.   There is a layer of hard plastic polypropylene to support the upper level of foam.  

Warranty:  Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Dimensions: Internal dimensions - 50.5″ long x 14.5″ wide x 6″ deep.

Weight: 25lbs. 

Included Labels: 1 x Patriot Cases logo, 1 x GunGoddess logo, 1 x Custom label with your name - the labels ship unattached, so you make the decision on where to position them!

Labels are full color, outdoor vinyl. Remove with razor blade or heat gun.  

 Order Processing Time - 5 Business Days

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