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Safego has key and combo lock Safego is spacious! Safego Portable Gun Safe Why Safego? Keep Safego in sight but securely attached Safego Portable Gun Safe Safego Portable Gun Safe Safego in white Feed your earplugs through & keep device safely inside Safego Portable Gun Safe Take the key with you Safego Portable Gun Safe
Safego has key and combo lock

Safego Portable Gun Safe

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Product Details

SAFEGO is an innovative, lightweight, portable safe, designed for safeguarding valuables in the most populated areas: beaches, pools, hotels, cruises, parks, and more.  With its heavy-duty lock and unique flexible steel cable, SAFEGO can attach to almost any secure fixture.  Lock away your phone, keys, cash, wallet, camera, sunglasses, jewelry, and other belongings. There's enough room for a holstered firearm as well as other valuables. 

Traveling by air with a firearm? Lock it inside the SAFEGO and loop the cable around your inner suitcase frame for an extra layer of security. No safe in your hotel room? No problem, because you brought your own! Simply loop the cable around a closet rail, bed frame or any immovable fixture. 

Each SAFEGO can be accessed through your own custom 3-digit combination or unique set of keys. The patented lock mechanism is made of nickel-plated zinc alloy, making it rust and water-resistant.


  • Custom combination + key access (comes with 2 keys and wrist coil band)
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • 6mm heavy-duty steel cable
  • Rust-resistant zinc alloy lock
  • Earphone plug opening
  • Water-resistant

Water Resistant: SAFEGO is water-resistant. As long as your SAFEGO is shut, and the earphone plug hole is sealed, no outside conditions (water, rain, sand, dirt, snow, etc.) will seep inside. It is not "waterproof," ie. it should not be submerged underwater for an extended period of time.

Product dimensions: 7” x 7.5” x 4” 

Cable dimensions: 17¾" long and ¼" diameter

Weight: 1 lb.

Interior space: 88 cubic inches

Colors: White; Black

The Ultimate Portable Safe!

How Does It Work?

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Common Questions

How do I open it for the first time?

The keys and instructions will be inside your safe. The combination is set to 0-0-0. Simply turn the dial to the right until it stops. Remove the cable lock from the top of the safe. Open the lid. Change the combination. 

How do I change the combination?

1) Reach inside the box with the combination facing you. 2) Reach for the trigger. Then pull up and to the right. 3) Proceed to set the combination to your desired code. 4) Release the trigger back to its original position. 5) The new combination is now set. 6) Be sure to make note of your new combination in a secure place.



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Safego Portable Safe

I found this to be very versatile and stylish and the size is perfect for taking with you for keeping everything safe while on the move for any occasion.