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No Ordinary Range bag in black typhon kryptek camo Greystone Circle NORB at the range No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB) Short Strap Velcro Holsters
No Ordinary Range bag in black typhon kryptek camo

No Ordinary Range Bag (NORB)

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Product Details

There's nothing better than two products in one, and "No Ordinary Range Bag" (NORB) definitely fits the bill!  Designed and developed by a woman shooter for women shooters, this feature-loaded range bag easily doubles as a messenger-style purse! No more lugging around both a handbag and a range bag! 


  • Large main compartment will hold 4+ boxes of ammo, eye and ear protection, cleaning supplies and many other items
  • Slip-Not interior fabric on front flap offers a non-skid surface, both wet and dry
    • Open up the bag & use it as a range pad
  • 2 padded pouches for full-size pistols and large wallet with exterior access to both pouches
  • Elastic Mag Holder for 2 magazines, single or double stack
  • Box bottom allows bag to stand up while taking items out
  • Exterior ambidextrous zipper allows right or left side access to gun and other items without opening flap
  • Heavy, handbag-style hardware
  • Rifle sling inspired cross body/shoulder strap stays on your shoulder
    • 18" drop
  • Mesh cellphone pocket - see who's calling without opening the pocket
  • 2-sided zipper pouch for makeup, hair ties, keys
  • Exterior Dimensions: 14" x 12" x 3"

See all of NORB's Features in this Video

Optional Extra's:

Short Handle Accessory Strap ($22.95):

The NORB has removable handles, so you can choose the one that meets your needs perfectly. There’s always going to be a need for that practical ‘across the body’ style, but sometimes you just want to slap on a short accessory handle that lets you pick it up and go. It’s definitely ideal for shorter trips where you don’t need to field the bag’s weight with your entire body! 

The handle uses the same material as the long bungie style strap, it’s just shorter.  This handle works on all of the NORB bags. 

  • Heavy hardware to match NORB bag hardware
  • Black bungie material, just like the standard strap
  • Removable
  • Overall length 11.5"

Velcro Holsters ($17.95):

For carrying your pistol, the NORB bag is more than sufficient as it contains two individual pistol pockets. But if you want quicker access to your firearm, the NORB holster  keeps your pistol protected and includes a trigger guard. The holster is made with a Velcro style hook fabric, which makes it compatible with the inside pockets of the NORB! 

Small Holster: perfect for the smaller, semi-compact pistols eg. Sig Sauer P238.

Large Holster: the large holster is perfect for compact guns. 

  • Heavy duty velcro style hook fabric all around
  • Smooth inside against pistol
  • 2 sizes to accommodate most pistols
  • Overall size 5.25" x 4.75"

Alternatively, take a look at our purse/backpack holsters - molded kydex specifically for your gun model (250+ models available) and available in 70+ colors and patterns. 

How Much Can You Fit Into NORB?

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The Ultimate Gun Carrying Bag!!!
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Holds a bunch!
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