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NanoVault Gun Safe NanoVault Gun Safe - handy for home, vehicle or travel NanoVault Gun Safe NanoVault gun safe comes with a cable lock
NanoVault Gun Safe

NanoVault Gun Safe

Product Details

NanoVault is Gun Vault's compact, secure and affordable handgun storage safe solution. The NanoVault (NV200) is perfect for home, vehicle or travel. The NanoVault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and fits discreetly in a bag, briefcase, desk or under a vehicle seat.

Each Nanovault includes a 1,500-lb. test security cable. The NanoVault is built with an 18-gauge steel construction and 1/2-inch per side thick memory foam interior. When the security cable is wrapped around any fixed object and slid over the lock receiver inside the security box, both the NanoVault and any valuables will be securely attached. 


  • Easy to operate Key Lock System
  • 18 Gauge steel construction
  • 1.25" thick memory foam interior
  • Compact size allows storage virtually anywhere
  • Includes a 1,500 lb. tested security cable


  • Gauge: 18
  • Exterior Product Dimensions (Includes Keypad and Lock): 1.5" H x 6.5" W x 9.5" D
  • Interior Product Dimensions: 1.5" x 6.25" x 9.25"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Protective Foam Liner: Yes
  • Security Cable Included: Yes
  • Backup Override Key: Yes
  • California DOJ Approved: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nano Vault

Solid, portable and secure. Pictured with my EDC Glock 19 - I can easily and safely store my weapon when required. I purchased two, one for each car.



Got for family member that travels and has to keep his handgun in his truck. It can be locked and tucked away with this safe! He loves it.

Perfect size

I bought two of these vaults. They are the perfect size for my two Ruger® LC9s... Since there are no children in the house, I kept both in "hiding places". But now that my husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, I still wanted my weapons to be easily available, but only to me. The key is the perfect solution!

Great & Easy Storage

Easy to install under seat. Amazingly could fit 2 items instead of just one. I love it so much that my boyfriend brought one too

Travel safe

A family member was impressed with the quality . Fit my needs perfectly.

Excellent, low cost secure storage

A good friend gifted me with one of these and it gives me great peace of mind.

I live in a rough part of the city, so I want to have my Sig 9 mil close to hand, especially at night, but I've never felt secure just keeping it in the nightstand drawer. If someone broke into my apartment it'd be pretty easy to find. Losing my gun would be bad enough, but we sure don't need more guns in the wrong hands, either!

Now my worries are over. The size fits my Sig 239 well with room for 2 mags (probably 1 more if you had it). The cable is long enough to reach around the frame of the headboard of my bed with the box itself within reach of the edge of the bed. Unless thieves want to disassemble the entire bed and carry the headboard down the street, my gun is secure and within reach.

It would also work very well for under-the-seat use too. Just run the cable around the seat attachment to secure your weapon when leaving your vehicle! I don't have a locking glove compartment, so once I get my concealed carry permit, I may use it for that as well. This thing is very portable!

It can also be bolted to something solid if you prefer, but I would recommend something very heavy and solid.