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Shock Eater Recoil Pad Shock Eater Recoil Pad Shock Eater Recoil Pad Shock Eater Recoil Pad
Shock Eater Recoil Pad

Shock Eater Recoil Pad

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Product Details

The ShockEater™ Recoil Pad is the latest advancement in energy absorption and recoil dispersion – simply put; it keeps you shooting longer, while increasing accuracy, comfort, and consistency with your long guns. Made with proprietary technology, the ShockEater™ Recoil Pad is designed to reduce felt recoil without increasing length of pull or altering appearance.

At only 8 mm thick and 1.3 ounces in weight, it provides superior shock absorption in a form that is lighter and thinner than any foam or gel can provide. The ShockEater™ Recoil Pad is compatible with many of the leading shooting vests and shirts.


Ultra-thin: Only 8 mm thick 

  • Provides superior recoil absorption without increasing length of pull or altering appearance.

Ultra-light: Only 39 grams (1.4 oz)

  • Lighter than any other recoil /shooting pad on the market. You don’t even know it’s there!

Flexible Design

  • Engineered for a comfortable fit that is conformal to the body/shoulder.
  • Enlarged bottom chamber ensures secure and stable gun placement.

Convenient Size

  • At  6½  in x 3 ¾ in, it fits into the standard shooting pocket of shooting vests, jackets, and shirts from all the major manufacturers.
  • Easily moved from garment to garment or sewn into your favorite shirt or vest.

Built to Last

  • Fabricated with a high grade polyurethane cover providing durable, water proof and weather resistant finish that will stand up to long-term wear and tear.

ShockEater™ is a high energy absorbing visco-polymer material containing Nano-Poly™ technology. It is a proprietary formulation that provides superior shock absorption and energy dispersion qualities.

Just as they say, “there is a science to everything” and absorbing/dissipating the recoil from the kick of your gun is no different.  The effectiveness of absorbing and dissipating the recoil requires applying the right scientific principles.  Sir Isaac Newton, perhaps the most famous scientist in history, is credited with numerous scientific discoveries, and is most widely known for developing the 3 laws of motion.  The 3rd law, “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” explains where the kick comes from when you pull the trigger.  The energy that hurls the bullet down range is also hurling the butt of your gun into your shoulder.

ShockEater™ works at a molecular level. When moved slowly, the molecules within the polymer inside the pad will just slide past each other, making the material soft to touch. But when a high-energy impact occurs, (like a shotgun kick) the molecules grip onto one another, locking together, to become almost solid for just a few milliseconds before releasing and becoming soft once again. It’s during those few milliseconds that the molecules quickly absorb the recoil and transfer it into thermal energy. As the molecules in their near solid state try to slide past each other they create molecular friction – heat.  This friction is spread throughout  the molecules of the entire pad in just milliseconds – so fast it never heats up to the touch.  It seems like the energy just disappears.  That’s why it's called the ShockEater™… it will literally “eat” the shock and vibration associated with recoil.

The ShockEater™ Recoil Pad is thin, so it’s close to your body and will not affect the length of pull. It’s shaped to absorb the recoil force where it should be, into the pad, not through it to your shoulder. It really works!

Media Reviews

“I was testing a client’s gun and had to have the stock cut a bit shorter leaving me with a wooden butt end of the stock with no pad. I could not remount the original pad as this would have still left the LOP too long for me. So, I slipped the ShockEater Recoil Pad into a shooting vest and went to the range with the expectation my shoulder would not be in very good shape afterward. Boy! Was I ever wrong! The ShockEater pad worked wonderfully, saving my bicep and shoulder from the potential ravages of a raw, freshly-cut butt end of a 12 gauge over/under shotgun and some hard-hitting sporting clays loads. I can’t compliment the recoil absorbing properties of the ShockEater enough!” - Johnny Cantu, Editor-in-Chief, Shotgun Sports Magazine

Review on OutdoorHub


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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping and best prices

nice product

Have fitted it when hunting but as yet no shot, will update when I finally get to fire my rifle

Excellent results!

I used this pad and immediately noticed the benefit. I was able to shoot three rounds of target clays without any soreness the next day or shoulder fatigue during the rounds. Major improvement!! I was skeptical of this product because of its appearance and density, but it works exactly as described and made the shooting so much better. I would definitely recommend it.