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Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Black Lace on White Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Tiffany Carbon Fiber for Revolver Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Purple Sugar Skulls Black Lace on Aqua Black Lace on Aqua - Standard Clip Style Paddle Clip White Lace on Black Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Muddy Girl Camo Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Black holster with white lace Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Purple carbon fiber Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Solid Black Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Desert Digital Black Lace on Pink with Paddle Clip Black Lace on Pink with Paddle Clip Black Lace on Pink with Paddle Clip Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Arctic White - Standard Clip Style Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Arctic White Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holste: Solid Black (Refundable) Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Multiple clip cant angles are possible (red carbon fiber shown) Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Thin and Concealable Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Solid Black (Refundable) Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: : Urban Digital Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster:  Graveyard Slime Green
Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster: Black Lace on White

Adjustable Outside-the-Waistband Holster

These are the only light attachments currently available
These are the only available light-bearing models
Note: "Right Hand" assumes a right-handed shooter is carrying in a position from the hips forward. For small-of-the-back carry, you will likely need an opposite-side draw, ie. left-hand draw if you're right-handed. Contact us if you need assistance with this.
If Yes, provide details. Note: If threaded barrel, bottom of holster is left open for muzzle to protrude.
Custom designs are your own uploaded images printed on an Arctic White kydex base, which results in the most vivid printed colors. The white kydex is only visible on holster edges and interior.
Camo patterns are printed on indicated kydex colors
Use an image file (eg. jpeg, png, tiff, pdf - not a doc file)

Customizations Total: $0.00

Availability: Ships within 3 weeks

Product Details

This outside-the-waistband holster is perfect for appendix, cross-draw or kidney positions! No matter where along your waistband you like to wear your holster, the adjustable clip allows you to set your preferred cant angle. Control your retention too - wear it with or without a belt, with thinner, lighter clothing or heavier apparel. 


  • Adjustable cant angle (from 0 to 25 degrees with standard clip and 0 to 15 with paddle)
  • Adjustable retention with a "Chicago style screw" and flexible spacer.
  • You choose your preferred clip style:
    • Injection molded standard plastic belt clip that fits over the belt (1.5" or 1.75" width) 
    • Paddle-style clip
  • Integrated full kydex sweat shield.  The sweat shield covers the entire slide not just part of it.
  • Sight channel that runs to the top of the belt clip, so front sight can not snag on clothing.  Sight channel is tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.

Colors:  Go with basic black or pick your color or pattern and make it your own! You can even upload your own design for a truly custom holster!


This is a heat transfer process that infuses the ink into the kydex material, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off! Just upload your design when placing your order.  For best color resolution, we recommend Arctic White as a kydex base color. The lighter greys and tans can work too. 

We suggest you email us first, and let's discuss your ideas or your design before you order, just to make sure it will look amazing!

Need Ideas?  



For best color results, patterns are printed on a light base such as tan, white or grey (ie. inside & edges of holster will be the base kydex color). The pictured examples are all available, but they're just shown here to give you an idea of what's possible. If you have a design you like, let's discuss making your holster one-of-a-kind!


Solids & Patterns:Patterns are printed on arctic white or a matching base that will be visible on the inside and edges of holster only - Hover to view color name or click to enlarge.  


Camo Patterns: Hover to view color name or click to enlarge - Patterns are printed on arctic white or a matching base that will be visible on the inside and edges of holster only. 


In a hurry? Want to save? We have a lot of holsters in our Bargain Bin! They're discontinued lines, demo or display models available at deep discounts.  

   Order Processing Time - Handmade to order - 3 weeks

 Limited Return Policy: Due to the highly customized nature of this product, and the very small chance of us being able to resell your holster in your choice of gun model and color combinations, we cannot accept returns on this product unless it's a solid black holster color. 

 With time and use, regardless of holster make and style, hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite or another thread-locker to secure your screws. Get Loctite or extra clips/hardware here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

Gun fits good in holster but can’t hardly get it back out


I have a ridiculously hard to shop for Eagle Imports Grand Power P11. Finding a holster for her has been impossible, and a paddle holster, forget about it. I'd search the internet now and then, hoping, but never expecting. Imagine my surprise and glee when I found that GG not only HAD them, but I could also customize one! I mean COME ON! Who WOULDN"T want a holster that matches your favorite china! It's feminine without being fluffy. Work clothes, jeans, on the ranch or off. It looks great.

This thing fits my odd duck like a glove. I'm curvy and it fits ME like a glove. The material is sturdy and the shape snaps my firearm and locks it in place. The grip/grab teeth on the paddle are just toothy enough to hold tight on the withdraw, but also easy to remove from clothing when it's time to. The angle of placement is adjustable. I AM THRILLED! I highly recommend.

After 2 other brands, THIS one's a winner!

Very comfortable and very concealable! I think that my husband might order one next!

Perfect fit

I absolutely LOVE my custom Tiffany teal and lace holister. I bout a outside the waist band one and also a solid red inside the waist holister. The fit is excellent, they are made very well, and it’s just what I wanted. Very pleased.

Love it..

It’s exactly what I had envisioned it would be. I went to shops and tried several different holsters, never found one that fit me right. This one is perfect. Great quality and exactly as advertised..


Thanks for making a green holster to fit my Walther PK .380. It fits my black pistol and on my black gun belt.
This is my first semi-automatic pistol and first fitted holster.

White Lace on Purple

This holster is awesome, fits my gun perfectly. This holster is really nice quality, sturdy, and the pattern is bold and colorful.

Perfect Fit and secure

Received my holster in pink with black lace with paddle holster. Most comfortable and secure holster I've had. Fits my Walther PPQ SC perfectly as well as my body type. (Curvy) I'll definitely order again for my other firearms!

Black lace on white

This is not only my first owb holster but also the first I have tried that isn't leather so there is a lot for me to get used to. Having said that, it is exactly as advertised and it fits my Colt defender like a glove. I love the black lace on white and I have to admit that I did not expect it to be such high quality. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. I intend to wear it at the 2A gathering coming up and hoping it gets noticed.

Walther CCP Out of Waist Holster

This turned out great! It fits my gun so perfectly and it on my belt perfectly. Great quality! I did not get a custom design, but after seeing some of the options on the website, and how nice these turn out, I will need to get another.