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Pink SIRT PRO red/green SIRT Training Pistols SIRT training Pistol for Glocks Green SIRT Performer Red/Green Red SIRT Performer Red/Red Purple SIRT PRO red/green Pink SIRT Performer Red/Green
Pink SIRT Performer Red/Green

SIRT Training Pistol

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Product Details

Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed by shooters for shooters, to complement live fire training. Glock and M&P owners have no better, more realistic way of training! From the size and weight to the shot indicating laser, this is an innovative product that goes a long way towards helping improve your skill level!  

 Instructors use the SIRT as a demonstration tool to illustrate the fundamentals and then they use SIRT as a practice tool, allowing students get repetitions in class. Then instructors use the SIRT on the range to diagnose any shooting deficiencies, commonly trigger control and sight alignment.

Shooters have experienced significant increases in performance in their shooting abilities after training with the SIRT.  The extra daily practice, even as little as concise 10 second drills a day, can add huge gains over time.

Model Option:

The SIRT 110 is designed for Glock training simulates the size, weight and functional features of the Glock™ 17/22 pistol and works with most holsters made for the Glock™ 17/22 pistol. There are 3 models, described in detail in the comparison chart below and ranging from $219 to $409.

Slide Colors: 

- SIRT Performer Model is available in red, green, purple or pink polymer slide.

- SIRT PRO model has red metal slide only. 

Holsters for SIRT:

The SIRT will fit into any full size Glock holster, even molded kydex holsters. Need a new holster? Find some great options here


  • It Makes Training Fun: The simple design of the SIRT Laser Training Pistol allows training almost anywhere providing immediate feedback to the shooter and/or an accompanying instructor. Take advantage of dead times during the day to implement training in almost any unused room or area at your facility. Fight the potential boredom perceived in training with a simple, but versatile, training tool that makes pistolcraft fun.
  • Train Safely: The SIRT Training Pistol does not fire any sort of projectile, and the lasers are not harmful. Of course, as with use with any item that can resemble a gun, discretion of where to use the SIRT must be applied by the shooter. 
  • A Complete System: Critical features provides effective, consistent and rewarding training. Patent pending shot indicating laser, resetting trigger combined with the simulated weight of the pistol and magazine, a red trigger take-up indicating laser (that can be conveniently turned off), and replaceable sights, all in a self-contained package. 
  • Simulated Weight & Gravity of a Live Pistol: The SIRT Training Pistols simulate accurate pistol weight and are designed to have the center of gravity positioned slightly vertical of the trigger pin. (When engaging at full speed transitions and draws, a simulated weight and center of gravity is imperative for training to accelerate and decelerate the pistol while engaging in precise fine motor movements).
  • Body Movement: Maximize deceleration while maintaining control of the pistol to teach yourself to present the pistol and prep the trigger to minimize time to placing shots on the target.
  • Low-Impact, Shock-Absorbing Magazine: Magazine can be dropped on many types of flooring surfaces without damage.
  • Train Draws & Reloads: The integrated lasers allow for proper training of draws of various pistolcraft skill sets. The SIRT Training Pistol comes with a weighted magazine.


Fully Functional Rail
Mount your tac light or other devices directly onto our SIRT Training Pistol rail, just as you would on your live fire pistol.

Ergonomic Frame
Built to the highest standards of strength and durability, the SIRT frame has all the functional grip features of the Glock 17/22, and when fully assembled is designed to match the weight of your live fire pistol.

Resetting Trigger
The SIRT’s Auto-resetting Trigger allows for multiple strings of fire during training without racking the slide, encouraging more repetitions per training session.

Laser Take-Up Toggle Switch
The Laser Take-Up Toggle Switch allows you to shut off the Take-Up Indicating Laser, and just train with the Shot Indicating Laser. The Red and Green (Pro Model) Lasers may also be reversed with an internal switch.

Dual Indicator Lasers
A red Trigger Prep Indicating laser gives you feedback on your trigger mechanics while you prep your trigger. A green Shot Indicating laser (Pro Model) or red Shot Indicating Laser gives you shot indication feedback on your follow-through.  

Weighted Training Magazines
The mags have a rubberized base plate for durability in training.


  • Trigger Prep Training:  The take-up indicator engages when the trigger is “taken-up” and partially pressed, as prepping a trigger is imperative for maximizing accuracy and trigger control. When the trigger is taken-up, the red laser is on, providing a visual awareness of the muzzle movement, and further indicating when the trigger is prepped to the shooter and/or a trainer or firearms instructor.
  • Maximize trigger Mechanics: When the simulated sear is “broken” the solid-state internal switching system activates the shot-indicating laser providing visual feedback indicating proper trigger follow-through and generally proper grip and trigger mechanics.
  • Take-Up and Shot Indicators Work For Everyone: Whether your shooting style is target-focused or strict front-sight-focused, the general visual awareness of the lasers provides the requisite feedback to improve shooting mechanics without compromising your vision focal at your desired vision focal length.
  • Shot Indicating Laser Works On Any Target:  The short bursts of the hot indicating laser provide sufficient visual verification to the shooter because of our natural flash visual memory. 
  • Resetting Trigger Allows For Engaging Targets in A Continuous String: An auto-resetting trigger is necessary to reset the internal simulated sear to represent multiple consecutive shots. Traditional dry firing requires racking the slide or cocking the hammer (to shoot in single action mode). The action between shots breaks the natural flow of engaging numerous targets in an array. More Shots = More Training.


  • 1 SIRT 110 Training Pistol
  • 1 Training Magazine (real magazines will also work in the SIRT)
  • 1 Owners Manual
  • Trigger Adjustment Tool
  • Laser Windage and Elevation Adjustment Tool
  • Packed in a brown cardboard box



    The SIRT designed for Glock owners is available in 3 models. Choose the one that best meets your needs from the chart below:



    • Red Polymer slide
    • 4 oz lighter than comparable live fire gun (and SIRT 110 Pro Model)
    • Dual laser system featuring a Red Shot Indicating Laser and Red Trigger Prep laser
    • Best for indoor training
    • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22.
    • Standard sights
    • One weighted training magazine (real magazines will also work in the SIRT)
    • Includes Intro Training DVD
    • Slide colors: Red, purple, pink, green


      • Red Polymer Slide
      • 4 oz lighter than comparable live fire gun (and SIRT 110 Pro Model)
      • Dual Laser System featuring a Green Shot Indicating laser and a Red Trigger Prep laser
      • Best for indoor or outdoor training in a variety of lighting conditions because the green Shot Indicating Laser is 20 times more powerful than the red laser.
      • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22
      • Standard sights
      • One weighted training magazine (real magazines will also work in the SIRT)
      • Includes Intro Training DVD
      • Slide colors: Red, purple, pink, green


        • Red Metal Slide
        • Weight is comparable to live fire gun
        • Dual Lasers featuring a Red Shot Indicating Laser and a Red Trigger Prep Indicating Laser
        • Best for indoor training
        • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22
        • Standard sights
        • One weighted training magazine (real magazines will also work in the SIRT)
        • Includes Intro Training DVD


        • Red Metal Slide
        • Weight is comparable to live fire gun
        • Dual Lasers featuring a Green Shot Indicating Laser and a Red Trigger Prep Indicating Laser
        • Best for indoor or outdoor training in a variety of lighting conditions, because the Green Shot Indicating Laser is 20 times more powerful than red laser.
        • Functional features of Glock™ 17/22
        • Standard sights
        • One weighted training magazine (real magazines will also work in the SIRT)
        • Includes Intro Training DVD


        SIRT Spot Trainer ($19.99)

        When used with a SIRT, the SPOT perfectly imitates a reflex sight for a fraction of the cost. Changing from iron sights to a reflex sight takes some training. If you haven’t worked the mechanics, adding a reflex sight may actually slow your shooting down initially. The SPOT is a very simple and cost effective way to train for your reflexive optic. The SPOT fits on your your SIRT slide and uses the red trigger take up laser to mimic the dot in a pistol mounted optic (e.g. an RMR TM).

        • Allows you to see the red dot even when it is outside of the sight.
        • Durable plastic stands up to rigorous training
        • Easy installation

        Plastic Pistol Case ($19.95) - Large, molded-in handle. Two layers of high-density foam. Thick wall construction for maximum protection. Comfortable, secure, user-friendly latches. Lockable.  Fits one SIRT and 3 magazines. Made in the USA.

        Single Training Magazine ($21.99)

        Same as Glock 9mm and .40 cal models:



           Order Processing Time: Ships FREE within 5 business days or less. Inventory changes quickly, so you are welcome to call/email and verify whether your model is ready to go or requires the 5 days to ship.

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           International Orders: We prefer to not ship the SIRT internationally because although it is not restricted for export, individual countries have too many constantly changing import restrictions. As such, we have decided to avoid the risk of international orders being confiscated by customs.  Please research whether there are any local distributors or dealers in your country. However, if you have the necessary import permits/paperwork in place and are confident moving forward, we can accept your order. Get in touch by email to set this up. 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 21 reviews
          Not a toy!

          I am very happy with my purchase of a SIRT Training Pistol Performer model from Gun Goddess. Excellent price and quick delivery. The size, weight and removeable magazine makes this a near perfect substitute for a Glock 17 pistol. The laser makes for immediate feedback on dry fire practice. I will be loaning mine to our class for beginning shooters as a safe method to learn basic gun handling skills before we go to live fire. I also like that I was able to get one with a purple slide as I am a member of TWAW.

          Make training fun

          Purchased metal slide 110 and I have to say that this was a great purchase.


          Very effective training tool to help with trigger management. Must be disciplined to fight against tendency to look over the sights for the laser.


          Great training tool. It even allows me to start teaching my grandkids about gun safety.

          great training tool

          have been using my sirt pistol with laserlyte scoring target. I have seen an increase in my scores
          glad I purchased the sirt pistol

          Great practice aid!

          Gungoddess had a very fair price, and shipped PROMPTLY!
          Great training aid, helps the beginner with trigger discipline, and the more advanced shooter in maintaining skills. I use it frequently, especially when it's raining!


          Just what I wanted.

          Great Asset to my training

          This SIRT training pistol has been beneficial in training my students in aligning sights & proper trigger pull and grip. Great for practicing drawing from the holster as well.

          Terrific Training Tool

          I use my SIRT Pro Red/Red every day without fail. I am in law enforcement and this gun proves to be a great training tool for me without going to the range all the time. I used to have a lot of trouble shooting qualification targets at the 25 yard line now it’s an absolute breeze. All because of dry firing and using my SIRT pistol. You can tell what you’re doing when your shot breaks by how the red dot moves. If it swirls around then you are not practicing correct trigger control. If it doesn’t move at all then you are doing it right. I cannot stress enough how beneficial this tool is for me.

          SIRT Training pistol

          Great training tool