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Purse or Backpack Velcro Holster

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These are the only light attachments currently available
These are the only available light-bearing models
If threaded barrel, bottom of holster is left open for muzzle to protrude
Camo patterns are printed on indicated kydex colors
4 sheets of hook velcro (rough side) are included with your order. Order extra if you need it!

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Product Details


Tired of purse "universal" holsters that don't retain your specific firearm properly? This kydex holster is molded for your gun - a perfect fit! It has a full sweat shield on both sides, so it can be mounted on either side inside the purse gun compartment - works great for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The holster comes with 4 sheets of "Hook" velcro included (the rough side) that have an industrial-strength, adhesive backing, so you can apply the sheets in any manner that works for your carry style. Apply to one holster side or both. Once your holster is lined with the Hook, you can attach it to any Loop (soft side) surface.  The sheets ship loose - you will apply them any way you choose. 

Most purse and backpack gun compartments are already lined with soft velcro (Loop), that is why we only ship the opposite, rough side (Hook) sheets with your holster. However, since the holster lends itself to various applications, we've given you the option to add an extra pack of hook sheets, or an extra pack of loop sheets. 


  • Integrated sweat shield on both sides of holster.
  • Magazine release covered.
  • Both sides of triggerguard covered.
  • Sight channel tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.
  • Adjustable retention with a "Chicago style screw" and flexible spacer.
  • Made of .080 thick Kydex.
  • Included: 4 sheets of Hook (rough side) velcro
  • Soft side of velcro is NOT included - available as option add-on item if you need them
  • Purse NOT included.
CHOOSE YOUR COLOR (included in price) - Hover/touch to view color name and click/tap to enlarge. 

Solids & Patterns: 


Camo Patterns: 

  Order Processing Time is 5 weeks - handmade to order 

  Limited Return Policy: We cannot accept returns on this product unless the holster color is solid black. 

  With time and use, holster hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite to secure your screws. 

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Customer Reviews

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APX Carry
SIG P365
Absolutely perfect
Just to clarify, the holster ships with only the hook (rough) side of velcro. So the velcro sheets it comes with are not intended to adhere to each other. The included hook velcro gets attached to the holster, and it would then be adhered to the inside of a purse gun compartment, that in general, already has the loop (soft side) velcro lining. So there needs to be a surface with loop velcro in order for the adhesion to work. If the loop velcro is missing from the purse or to allow for other, custom applications and uses, we do offer the loop velcro sheets separately.