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Hip Hugger Elite

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Product Details

Can Can Concealment, the manufacturer of this product, is winding down their operation and discontinuing their current product line.  If you don't see the size you'd like, unfortunately it will not be available again. 

Our customers love the original Hip Hugger  - now the Hip Hugger Elite by Can Can Concealment offers a refined design with amazing versatility, concealability and comfort.

This Elite is a 5" wide waistband with an elegant lace pattern printed onto the elastic.

  • 2 Holster pockets, one front & one back, can be swiveled to be positioned wherever you want them along your waistline (left or right hand draw)!
  • Holster pockets have strong rare earth magnets in lining, to aid gun retention while sitting and bending
  • Holstering tabs for safe, easy, no-look firearm holsteringHolster positions gun to safely cover trigger guard
  • Holsters positions gun to avoid finger-on-trigger draw; front and back
  • 3 Magazine/accessory pockets
  • Magazine pocket is lined for no-scratch storage and removal of magazine.
  • Zipper Pocket for secure storage of your valuables
  • Extra pocket with hook & loop closure and key fob
  • Double-edged with silicone non-slip Tacti-Grip™ to prevent shifting
  • 6 rows of hooks and eyes to allow half-inch adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Made in the USA!

The Elite is best for guns with a total length of 4" - 6"/6.5". The smaller your gun, the deeper it will sit inside the holster pocket. The longer your gun, the more grip will protrude from the pocket. 

Note for left-handed users:

The Elite is designed as right-handed holster. However, it is perfectly workable as a left-handed holster by swiveling the holster pockets 180 degrees. In doing that, the zippered pocket will not end up at the front of the body. Still, 100% workable!

Main Differences between the original Hip Hugger and the Elite:

  • Elite is only available in 5" width elastic. Original Hip Hugger available in 4" and 5" widths.
  • Elite has zippered pocket, Original Hip Hugger does not.
  • Elite has 2 gun pockets. Original Hip Hugger has 3-4 gun pockets (depending on style). So if you don't need a zippered pocket and you'd rather have more options for gun placement, or if you have a small or large gun, the original Hip Hugger may be a better option for you. 

Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews

Beautifully made and very comfortable.

Hannah Walker
Love it!

I’m the type of girl that wears nothing but leggings. So carrying was just in my bag, but I wanted it to be on me and stumbled upon this website and ordered this. I love it. It’s cute, has SO many different slots to hold things. The only negative I would have is the bra like clasps. Those are so tedious to hook together. Worth the $$$!

Mary Wallenta
Great Holster

This maybe my second review but could not find my first one to update. After having time to use this I love it. I wore it while bike riding and it was so comfortable I thought I lost my gun. This is a perfect option for when you aren't wearing a belt for the other holsters. I bought this one versus the other one because I did not need for holster spots and like the idea I could carry other things like a knife, some money and my carry license along with my regular license. According to the gun sizing my gun is a little long and isn't completely concealed but I'll for go that for the other options this one has. I find it very easy to pull if need be where if my handle of the gun was hidden more not sure how easy it would be to pull. I don't regret this purchase and will suggest this to other people.

S&W Girl
Awesome holster!

I ordered the Elite after having a can can classic sized holster. I had my most recent Elite belly band custom made, Gun Goddess worked with Can Can to coordinate my custom order. I am one happy customer! For reference, I carry 2 different sizes of firearms, in the classic sized holster, S & W MP 2.0 subcompact. In the Elite, the I carry a full size S&W MP 2.0, or my 2.0 subcompact with a kydex shell holster insert, my custom made Elite can actually accommodate a kydex holster for my full size MP 2.0 as well if I choose to carry with a kydex shell insert. I love both sizes, and I'm glad I have 2 sizes of belly band holsters, as they both offer versatility that I need to carry in whatever I choose to wear on any given day. Overall, I find it hard to conceal carry and not print. However this belly band does a great job at making conceal carry a lot easier for women. It is very comfortable, I usually forget I am wearing it, until I have to bend down to pick up something. I would recommend this belly band to anyone looking for a different way to carry. Gun Goddess patiently provided answers to lots of my questions and they helped me order the correct products for my needs, they even fixed my order after I placed an incorrect order, what can I say they are a great company. And of course, Can Can came through to deliver and awesome product.

Gets the job done

This material is sturdy and comfortable. I rock both high waist and upper hips carry. Note, if you wear around your hips you will definitely need to adjust as you sit and drive so be aware. Carrying lower is less noticeable and under shirts you can see it isn't totally flat. I bought two holsters for myself and one for mom.

Roxanne Schorbach
New friend - HipHugger

I love it and wear it all the time. It makes me feel a bit extra safe and "my tummy is tucked in!" - an added benefit :-)

Angelica Samples
Love this!!!

Best concealed holster I’ve ever used!