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Hip Hugger Elite - with Zippered Accessory Pocket

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Our customers already love the original Hip Hugger (just take a look at the reviews) - now the brand new Hip Hugger Elite by Can Can Concealment offers a refined design with amazing versatility, concealability and comfort.

This Elite is a 5" wide waistband (same width as the original Classic Style) and is best for guns with a total length of 4" - 6". The smaller your gun, the deeper it will sit inside the holster pocket. The longer your gun, the more grip will protrude from the pocket. If you have a 6" gun and you'd rather the grip ride lower inside the pocket, or if your gun is longer than 6", you'll want the Hip Hugger - She Bang Style, which is 6" wide instead of 5" wide. 

  • 5" Wide elastic waistband printed with elegant lace pattern
  • 2 Holster pockets, one front & one back, can be swiveled to be positioned wherever you want them along your waistline (left or right hand draw)!
    • Holster pockets have strong rare earth magnets in lining, to aid gun retention while sitting and bending
    • Holstering tabs for safe, easy, no-look firearm holsteringHolster positions gun to safely cover trigger guard
    • Holsters positions gun to avoid finger-on-trigger draw; front and back
  • 3 Magazine/accessory pockets
    • Magazine pocket is lined for no-scratch storage and removal of magazine.
  • Zipper Pocket for secure storage of your valuables
  • Extra pocket with hook & loop closure and key fob
  • Double-edged with silicone non-slip Tacti-Grip™ to prevent shifting
  • 6 rows of hooks and eyes to allow half-inch adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Made in the USA!

Note for left-handed users: The Elite is designed as right-handed holster. However, it is perfectly workable as a left-handed holster by swiveling the holster pockets 180 degrees. The only thing that results in, is that the zippered pocket will not end up at the front of the body. Still, 100% workable for left-handed use by swiveling the pockets to where you want them. 

Sizing:Available in S to XL. Check the Size Guide above the "Add to Cart" button.  Need a bigger size? Either use an extender or check the Sport Belt, available up to size 3X.

Color: The new Elite is only available in this one color - an elegant lace pattern printed onto the black waistband. If you want a splash of color, the Hip Hugger Classic is available with pink and purple embroidered trim for smaller guns and the Hip Hugger She Bang is available in several trim colors for bigger guns !

Extend: Need more room? Want to carry lower or higher? Pregnant or have weight fluctuations? The optional Size Extender is the solution that gives you 6 additional rows of eyes (in 0.5" increments) and extends your Hip Hugger by 3".

Why use an optional Size Extender?

  •  Carry high on the waist OR low on the hips! If you want to wear your holster to carry higher on your waist under stretch-top skirts or higher-waisted slacks AND you like to carry under low-rise jeans...the Extender is your answer!  No need to buy 2 holsters! ...buy the size that best fits your waist measurement, then extend!  
  • You like to carry on your hip!  Even though the holster was designed for front and back carry, the Extender lets you hip carry too!  Just choose one size smaller (or 2 sizes smaller if you are on the cusp) than your true size and extend!  This will "push" the front pockets to the side allowing you to carry on your hip!
  • You just need more room!  If you are on the larger end of XL or wear a 16+, extend! Perfect for temporary weight fluctuations or pregnancy. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 154 reviews
        Awesome!!!! 😁😁😁

        I love this it conceals and also acts like a waist trainer as well!!

        The cutest holster I own, hard to put on

        Hands down the cutest holster. However I’m not all that skinny, in fact I’m rather chunky, and it’s so hard to put on I wore it once and probably won’t wear it again because of nit being able to put on by myself.

        LOVE IT!!

        I ended up buying the extender to go with this because I'm plus size but it stretched so well I ended up not needing it!!! I absolutely love it!!!!! It's great for when I go for walks and want to keep everything with me!!!

        The holy grail of abdomen holsters!!!

        When I say this is my most favorite holster, I’m not saying that lightly. I have plenty of other holsters, including the notorious sticky holster. And this one not only contours to your body better than any other abdomen strap, but holds your gun in so you don’t have a bulky grip sticking out making you feel self conscious of your concealment. I had gotten the wrong size at first (a size med). Which would’ve worked still if I wore it low on the hips all the time, like displayed in the site images. But I wear all sorts of pants and needed more versatility. I emailed GunGoddess and asked if I could exchange it for a small instead. As I had also bought the extender. And had absolutely no issues returning it and getting the size I need. Now I can wear it up high like my image, with high waisted jeans, or lower worth the extender. And I always feel like my XDS is safe and secure on my body. I HIGHLY recommend the HipHugger Elite. The extra pockets make stashing my concealed carry license and other items like pepper spray, much easier.


        It stays nice and fitted without wandering up or down. The Gun feels snug against the body. There is some catch when pulling the gun out, but I think that is just needing to wear it tighter, the magnet is for the front holster, so I have not had any difficulty pulling the gun from the back holster.