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Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed by shooters for shooters, to complement live fire training. This is an innovative product that goes a long way towards helping improve your skill level!  

Instructors can use the SIRT as a demonstration tool to illustrate the fundamentals; as a practice tool, allowing students get repetitions in class; and on the range to diagnose any shooting deficiencies, commonly trigger control and sight alignment.

Shooters have experienced significant increases in performance in their shooting abilities after training with the SIRT.  The extra daily practice can add huge gains over time.

Price ranges from $229 to $479. Choices will display as you make your selections from the options dropdown lists, and price adjustments based on your selections will display in the cart.  

Made in the USA!

Available Models

SIRT 110

  • Simulates the features of the Glock 17/22.
  • Fits into any full size Glock holster.
  • (Not affiliated with Glock Inc.)

SIRT 107

  • Simulates the features of the Smith & Wesson M&P.
  • (Not affiliated with S&W)


  • A hybrid design simulates features of compact, single-stack carry pistols eg. Glock 26 or 43 and M&P Shield.
  • Choice of two base extension options, curved or straight.
  • Does not have removable mag.

SIRT 20 & 20C

  • SIRT 20 simulates the features of a SIG P320.
  • SIRT 20C simulates the functional features of a Sig P320 Carry.
  • (Not affiliated with Sig)

Slide & Laser Options

Why Train with the SIRT?

Effective, Consistent and Rewarding Training with Immediate Feedback:

Take advantage of dead times during the day to implement training in almost any unused room or area.


Does not fire any sort of projectile, and the lasers are not harmful.

Simulated Weight & Gravity of a live pistol (metal slide only):

Imperative for training to accelerate and decelerate the pistol while engaging in movements like draws and transitions

Body Movement:

Teach yourself to present the pistol and prep the trigger to minimize time in placing shots on the target

Trigger Prep Training:

Imperative for maximizing accuracy and trigger control. The trigger prep laser engages when the trigger is partially pressed, which provides a visual awareness of muzzle movement.

Maximize Trigger Mechanics:

When the simulated sear is “broken” the solid-state internal switching system activates the shot-indicating laser, providing visual feedback on proper trigger follow-through and proper grip and trigger mechanics.

Take-Up and Shot Indicators Work For Everyone:

Whether your shooting style is target-focused or strict front-sight focused, the general visual awareness of the lasers provides the requisite feedback to improve shooting mechanics without compromising your vision focal at your desired vision focal length.

Shot Indicating Laser Works On Any Any Target:

The short bursts of the shot indicating laser provide sufficient visual verification to the shooter because of our natural flash visual memory. If you will be using your SIRT with the Laserlyte target system, there are reports that the green laser is not compatible. We suggest ordering a red/red laser SIRT. 

Resetting Trigger Allows For Engaging Targets in A Continuous String:

Traditional dry firing requires racking the slide or cocking the hammer (to shoot in single action mode). The action between shots breaks the natural flow of engaging numerous targets in an array. With SIRT, More Shots = More Training.

Fully Functional Rail:

Mount your tac light or other devices directly onto the SIRT Training Pistol rail, just as you would on your live fire pisto

Optional Extra's

Bundle a SIRT pistol with the new SIRT STIC Rifle Trainer and save big!

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Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Shoot Safe Texas (Texas)
Great training tool

This is a wonderful training tool. With the multiple modes, can teach about a slow smooth trigger pull.
Shows when you jerk the trigger.
Weight and trigger pull are realistic.
Fits holsters for MP Shield, so good for practice on holster draws, and real life scenarios.
Also good for training shooting while you're moving. Also real life scenario.

Would highly recommend. Works well for all ages of students.

Karen A. Wyle (Indiana)
Very handy for getting used to the feel of the pistol

I tend to be nervous about firing a pistol. The ease of practicing with the SIRT gives me more confidence that I can pull the trigger. It'd be even better if it came with the thumb safety the Smith & Wesson M&P, which I replace with a thumb-flick motion where the safety should be. I needed to experiment before I figured out how to match the weight of the actual pistol, but removing the magazine brought the weight pretty close. A little technical support let me remove the backstrap so that my hand fit the SIRT the way it does the pistol.

Craig Anderson (Minnesota)
PP version

I bought the pocket pistol version for my wife for Christmas. She asked for it. I had not heard of it. It came quickly, and I checked it out and adjusted it for a lighter trigger pull and zeroed the trigger take up lazer. The fire lazer came dialed in. I have used it a few times to find out where I might hit on an un aimed snap shot. i am not very impressed with myself. Anyway, I think it is a quality product so far and is definately useful for safe practice around the house.

Tim Crawhorn (Kentucky)
Sirt training pistol

Great training pistol feels as if you are holding a actual Glock. It’s already been dropped and stepped on and works flawlessly. Five star……

D B (Illinois)
My 2nd SIRT

My 1st SIRT developed trigger problems after about a year. It became "sticky + squeaky". Unfortunately, I waited until the warranty was over to contact Next Level Training. So, it will cost me to have it fixed.

I use my SIRT every day. I bought a second one, so I'll have something to train with while my first one is being repaired.

My new SIRT had some very minor scuffs + scratches. Nothing major, just not perfect like my 1st one. The trigger works great! GUN GODDESS has the best service + the best prices!!

Michael Connacher (Arizona)
Excellent Dry Fire Practice.

Very good for developing proper hold, stance, trigger pull. Seeing where the laser hits gives immediate feedback to help you determine what corrections you need to make.
I am very pleased with the SIRT. Now they just need to find a way to provide recoil! The shipping was very fast. Glad I found Gun Goddess.

AW (Florida)
Best training tool for students

I am a newer instructor but based on what many people told me the SIRT is the best for training students so I decided to invest in one. It has become an invaluable tool instructing students of all skill level and something I can’t imagine not having for those first time students. I also use it for my own personal training and it has saved me a lot of money on ammo without the training scares you can get with dry practice.