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Garter Holster

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An elegant, classy way to carry under skirts and dresses! This thigh holster - no belt required - is perfect for smaller guns. A belt is available separately for extra support if your gun is bigger/heavier, or if you need to wear the garter over nylons or tights.


  • Holds up to 2 firearms and 1 magazine 
  • Right hand, left hand or cross-draw
  • Silicone "Tacti-Grip" edging for non-slip, all-day wear
  • 6-row hook & eye closure for a comfortable fit
  • Military-grade elastic conforms to your body
  • 5" wide elastic (best for guns 4.5" - 6" long)
  • Gun pockets have magnets for firearm retention
  • Re-Holstering tabs for safe, easy, no-look weapon reinsertion
  • Lined magazine pocket with decorative laces and built-in garter belt attachment loops

    About the Optional Garter Belt:

    Although you do not need a belt, it is available in case you have a heavier or larger gun. When wearing the holster over leggings, tights or nylons, the belt is also recommended for extra non-slip support. Get the belt here.

    • 3” comfort-weave elastic with decorative lace overlay 
    • Garter Belt fastens around waist or hips with a 3-row, all-metal 

      hook and eye closure 
    • Permanently attached, adjustable, stretch straps with metal hooks easily connect to both the front and the back of the Can Can Garter Holster
    • Garter Belt works with both right and left leg holster positions
    • Gives added confidence during walking, running or other activities requiring extra support
    • Minimizes slipping when carrying weapons and magazines heavier than the recommended 16-oz weight limit

    Sizing:  Available in S to XL. Check the Size Guide above the "Add to Cart" button. Custom sizing is available for smaller than S or larger than XL, for +$10 per holster. Contact us for info. 

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Megan Roberts
    works great

    I have the thigh holster with garter belt. I hey are so practical for a gal that wears dresses. I love the Medium, I even use it to hold my keyfab. the only thing is I wish it came in other qcxent colors like red or blue...ooooo red white and blue. I love the packaging and stickers.

    Max Covington
    Perfect fit

    This product is perfect! There was a few manufacturer and shipping issues but the Gun Goddess staff was very prompt and helpful to correct my order. I have been very impressed with them and my experience even given the issues.

    Heather C
    Sexy, and secure.

    I haven't worn this for a longer length of time, such as a typical work day. But the time I have spent wearing it, it's very comfortable and allows for no printing in dresses. Shorter dresses still show my Glock 42 barrel if I move wrong, but that's just an excuse to buy a new gun, right? 😉

    Susan Jacobs
    Great for wearing a dress

    Will take some getting use to, and getting the tightness just right, but I love my garter. It is nice to be able to wear a dress and still have the security of carrying. I would definitely recommend this product

    Wendy Davis
    Not for me at this time

    Let me start by saying I recently lost over 90 pounds and I'm only 5' when I stretch my neck and stand as tall as I can with feet flat. In order to make it so the holster did not slide down (I do have the garter belt), it had to be fastened super snug which took the assistance of my husband to accomplish. The result is a very large bulb of skin which looks like fat above the garter that makes it extremely awkward to walk. The bottom of the holster is looser on my leg (probably due to short legs). Otherwise, it is beautiful, well made, and can hold that extra mag. I'm going to hang onto the holster as my skin will normalize within the next couple years. I am thinking this product is for taller ladies, but I'm not giving up yet.

    Amanda Chipchase
    Fits Great, Can Wear With Dresses!

    It took a little adjusting but I can throw this thing on now and don't even notice it's there.

    Sarah Racette
    Good solution to a common problem

    I love wearing sun dresses in the summer, but it definitly creates an issue for a woman who carries. Looking at reviews online, this seemed like the best option for a garter holster. As far as the fit, I'm still not super excited about the fit of it. It's pretty stiff, which is to be expected considering, but the bottom half doesn't fit to my leg the way the top half does and leaves a small gap. I wore it for the first time the other day just to run some errands for a few hours and see how it held up. It was a very hot day so I was sweating and getting in and out of my car a lot and it stayed put, so that was impressive. Im not a huge fan of the tiny hooks that are used on it, it's rather difficult to get it on and in place properly. I do like the look of it and it feels quite sturdy and well made, so it seems like it will last a while. I will say, considering that you have to wear it pretty snug in order to stay put, after a few hours it can get a bit uncomfortable and pinchy feeling. I had the imprints in my leg from it for a good hour or two after taking it off. Overall, I like it and it's a great option if you're wearing a dress.....just with a couple aspects I'm not super excited about.