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  • Dene Adams Lite Corset Holster

    Corset Color
    Natural Lite
    Ice Lite
    Black Lite
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    Product Details

    Due to Dene Adams supply issues, all items are currently unavailable to order. As soon as inventory is reliably available again, we'll start processing new orders (hopefully by early to mid-Nov. Sign up for email notification!

    This Dene Adams Corset has an all new, all-mesh back that is lightweight and breathable!  This body-shaping corset accentuates your natural and beautiful curves.  Its slimming holster design flows with your body shape, for maximum concealment and comfort.  The corset holsters are made with a sleek, lightweight fabric, making them smooth and concealable under any clothing.


    • Full mesh back - breezy and breathable.
    • Gun fits snug against your body, minimizing printing.
    • Deep concealment with quick access.
    • Each gun pocket has a quick-release, velcro retention strap.
    • Mags, cash or a phone can be carried in the second pocket.
    • Extra pocket for more storage.
    • Width: 9" at its widest point at the back and tapers down to about 7" at the hook/eye or zipper closure area in the front.
    • Made in the USA!
    Three Colors to Choose From: 
    • Lite Natural - Hooks/Eyes or Zipper - Solid nude color, two closure options: hooks & 2 rows of eyes OR zipper. Dene Adams horse logo on front. 
    • Lite Black - Zipper Only - Solid black color, closes with zipper. Dene Adams horse logo on front. 
    • Lite Ice - Hooks/Eyes Only - Ice Blue color with white lace overlay, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes. 

    Sizing:  Available from XS through 4X. Check the size guide and follow measuring instructions for best fit! The corset is stretchy, so if you're unsure or between sizes, size down!

    Short Torso? Take a look at this Petite version of the corset that's a little shorter!

    Gun Fit: Best suited for micro through compact-size guns. Full size guns will still fit inside the pocket, but more of the grip will protrude. Max fit length about 7.5".

    Comfort: The corset is made of a breathable mesh with a dry wicking lining. This draws moisture away from the body. If the weather is comfortable for jeans, you will be comfortable wearing your corset. The width of the corset is 9" at its widest point at the back and tapers down to about 7" at the hook/eye or zipper closure area in the front.

    Trigger Guard: Includes small, universal trigger guard insert - an ultra-durable and flexible insert that securely attaches to the inside of either corset holster pocket, for peace of mind that your trigger is safely guarded. 

    Pair it with a hard-shell holster:The corset doesn't need a holster. But if you prefer having your gun inside a hard-shell holster, this kydex holster is a perfect fit when inserted into the corset pockets: The Adhesive Velcro Holster (Quick-Ship) comes with loose sheets of velcro so you can attach as desired. Use the holster on its own or with the corset.  It will be molded for your specific gun model, with snap-in retention. Best of all, your holster will ship to you within a few days, and it's available in 75+ colors & patterns! 


    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 150 reviews
    Sabrina Dawson Soulis (Minnesota)
    Awesome Product

    High quality materials and awesome. Design. Thank you for making products for women who want to carry.

    Anonymous (North Carolina)
    Great product

    I love how comfortable this is.

    Wendy Davis (Delaware)
    Great corset

    I love this corset. It's comfortable and holds my weapon securely. The additional pockets hold my extra magazine too. The corset helps conceal the weapon even when wearing fitted clothing. I recently lost a lot of weight so I wear clothes that are more fitted now to show the weight loss. I highly recommend this product.

    Denise Toicen-Zindler (Wisconsin)

    This is an awesome way to carry. The product fits nicely, feels wonderful and can also accommodate items in addition to the gun and backup magazine. Easy to conceal carry without having to displace when using the ladies room.

    Katie P (Texas)
    Works Great for Curvy Women

    I have been wearing the Dene Adams Light Corset for a few weeks now. I wear it every day, typically under a t-shirt with jeans. The concealment is amazing and it is really comfortable. Sitting for long periods at my desk or standing, it doesn't shift or move, and I don't really feel it. It is hot when I'm outside in Texas heat for more than just to walk to the car, but that is to be expected. The mesh back really helps to lighten it when wearing it in hotter climates. I washed it in the washing machine in a lingerie bag (without the kydex insert) on a regular cycle with jeans and all sorts of things, and it did great. No disfigurement or anything. I hung it to dry and no issues. I am 5'6" and a power lifter, so not petite, and not tall. This basically goes from the bottom of my bra to the top of my jeans belt loops. My EDC is a Sig P365, and I carry a spare magazine. The P365 sits entirely in the pocket, and the kydex insert works great to give you comfort if you carry chambered. I highly recommend this corset for anyone just starting out to conceal carry, or for anyone more experienced with it. It is a great option!

    ET (Arkansas)
    Awesome Holster

    I’m about 5 ft 6 in with a slender build. This makes carrying a gun a little harder to conceal. However, with the right shirt, I can do it with this holster. It fits my sig p365 great and is very secure and comfortable. 100% glad I purchased and definitely recommend!

    Jeff Eveland (California)
    The wife's new "go to" holster.

    As most know, when a woman carries, the purse is NOT optimal for accessibility. I bought the corset holster and tank holster for her, with her new Sig P365. The fit on both is perfect; accessibility optimal; convenience and speed -to-draw, incredible. She's only had them a few weeks so I can't speak on durability yet, but so far, both are great holsters for the sub/micro guns.