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Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Before and After Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra Customer April in her Kendo Gear
Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra

Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra

Size Guide
Size Guide - Ultimate Compression Bra

Take the numeric part of your everyday bra (eg. 36) and check it against the chart. This tactical bra is a compression garment. The feeling should be a firm, hugging, stabilizing security - not "tight". If you are full busted, DO NOT SIZE DOWN as you might have with other bra's, thinking that is what you would require to stabilize your chest. That is not necessary with this bra.

For customers with restricted arm or shoulder mobility, we do suggest sizing up one size for easier on/off.

If you are unsure about your correct measurement, simply measure around the largest part of your back around to your breast bone (above your breast area) and pull the tape tightly. Use that number. 

XS 31" - 32'
Small 33" - 34"
Medium 35" - 36"
Large 37" - 38"
XL 39" - 40"
2X 41" - 42"
3X 43"- 44"
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Product Details

The Cheata Ultimate Compression Tactical Bra offers the stability of 2-3 regular sports bras while providing extraordinary comfort for long-term wear and intensely vigorous activity. No digging, shifting, chafing, pulling or riding up! Perfect for the competitive shooting sports and for wearing under body armor! Runners and riders will love it too!

This is NOT a holster! It's the ultimate replacement for your current sports bra!


  • Breasts look and feel smaller, lighter and managed
  • No smashed feeling
  • Allows for increased coverage in armored vests
    • Dramatically improves fit of armored vest and uniform
    • Stabilizes armored vest's position on the torso (eliminates shifting)
  • No breaking down/stretching out from extended wear
  • Creates a sleeker, smaller and smoother silhouette
  • Significant thoracic back support and improved posture
  • Ultra moisture-wicking
  • Heat dispersing
  • Rear, downward directional zipper
  • Endorsed by National Tactical Officers Association.


Cheata compression bras are the ultimate athletic bra structures. The patented technologies focus on the WEIGHT of breast tissue, not simply the size. This new approach acutely addresses commonly heard sports bra complaints.

The Problem:

  • Not enough hold/support
  • Needing to double up 
  • Digging straps and bands
  • Riding up and shifting on the torso
  • Stretching out during wear or from sweat 
  • Not enough coverage and prone to spilling out
  • Wearing out easily and needing to be replaced
  • Chaffing/rubbing on the sides, shoulders, and back 
  • Smashed feeling from tight, non-stretching fabrics

The Solution:

  • Balanced weight distribution of breast tissue 
  • A unique combination of structural components activate this weight redistribution. No other athletic bra on the market achieves this. 
    • Breast tissue feels significantly lighter and breast movement is comfortably restricted in all directions (up, down, forward, side to side).
  • Optimal leveraging by full coverage and utilizing the torso area UNDER the bust line
  • Creates more stability. Also helps prevents the garment from shifting or traveling upwards on the body during movement
  • Premium custom fabrics featuring a controlled and comprehensive localized stretch
  • Incredibly unique Stretx™ custom fabrics provide a contouring strength that expand and contract to accommodate your movements with no bouncing, rubbing, digging, pulling, or stretching out.
    • Breathable, moisture wicking, with a silky luxurious feel, fabric will not stretch out from extended wear or when introduced to water (or sweat).  

Cheata Bra for USPSA 

Cheata Bra for 3-Gun

Before & After Cheata

 How to wear it:  

Proper adjustment is imperative for the maximum performance of this product. Please watch this video, it shows you everything you need to know in order to put the bra on correctly! 




"Ok so why is this BRA so worthy of discussion? Well, because it does what it says it does. That's right, it holds the girls in place. Boy does it ever. Not only that, but it compresses and displaces the volume of space they occupy, if you get my meaning. You can run, and jump and ohh so much more, and the girls remain safely ensconced and compacted near your body. Never before have my arms been so free to move. Well ok at least not since I developed any way.

Prior to finding this wondrous garment, I considered binding my chest or even making permanent (possibly damaging) modifications to my Kendobogu. Now, with the proper application of the BRA, I don't need to as it takes me from boingy bouncy to flat (or nearly thus) in mere moments.

I can't wait to see how it works with archery as well.Never more shall I consider following in the footsteps of the Amazon warriors 

"Being in law enforcement for over 8 years, I probably spent thousands of dollars trying to find a perfect bra. What do I mean by a perfect bra? A bra that not only provides support and comfort but will hold you in place while running, will no dig into your shoulders or the sides of your breast while wearing a tactical bulletproof vest. Another issues with the vest, the Velcro straps would always pull away from the vest due to my breast not being support in the right area of the vest. After spending money on endless bras, sport bras and etc... I started to give up hope but a couple of months ago I meet the owner of Cheata Bras at a local dog show. At first I thought this was going to be just another sport bra until I tried it on with my vest. I will not buy another bra except for the Cheata. It's everything I ever wanted and needed in one bra." ~ Norma Scott, OH State Highway Patrol (posted on GG Facebook page)

"I've been in law enforcement for over 23 years and have never found a bra that was comfortable under my vest. Until I found the Cheata Tactical Bra!! I always had the feeling of "being squished" when I would take off my vest - I don't have that feeling anymore. The Cheata Tactical bra is so comfortable, supportive in all the right places, and doesn't give me that "squished" feeling. I would highly recommend the bra." ~ Laura A. (posted on GG Facebook page)

"I've been a police officer for 23 years. I've never found a comfortable bra to wear under my vest until now! Wow! What a difference! The weight of my vest always made any bra I'd ever worn dig into my skin and be uncomfortable. And no bra was ever to stop the squished feeling I had when I took off my vest. The Cheata bra was amazing - no digging and best of all no squished feeling. I LOVE IT!!!" ~ Laura Spelman


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    Customer Reviews

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    It works

    Have the The Cheata Trotter Bra in turquoise size 2X. It fits well...no bounce or fall out. Yea!
    Wished I was more flexible after hooking the eye or had eyes to see behind my back.
    The back stays down where it is put!
    Thanks, GG.