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Bullet Casing Windchimes

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Bullet Casing Windchimes

Whether they keep critters away from your garden, or remind you to target practice this weekend, these unique, bullet casing wind-chimes create a lovely tone!

You get two styles to choose from, Classic Chimes or Speedloader Chimes:

Classic Chimes ($45):

  • Two .270 shells, Two .300 REM Ultra Mag, and one .50 BMG casing in the center as the striker. 
  • Hung from a copper ring, wood burned detailed Poplar wood disk and black waxed cotton cord.

Speedloader Chimes ($55): 

  • Two .280 shells, two .300 REM Ultra Mag, three .223 shells and six .45 ACP shells
  • Set in full moon speed loader clip. 
  • Hung from a brass hook set in a red oak mount, and strung together with black waxed cotton cord.

Both sets have a .223 shell, cut and flattened out as the wind catcher at the bottom and the chime striker. Primers have been removed from the shell bottoms.

Length: 15-17 inches

Width: 2 inches

Note: Brass will tarnish over time and exposure to the elements. 




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