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When To Teach Kids About Guns

Advice from Rob Pincus, of Personal defense network:


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Educating Kids - Start Here

While it’s great to take the kids to the range and teach them how to shoot, don’t leave out important information.  Educating our kids on the subject of firearm safety and shooting is a subject that just might save their life.   And we can start teaching them sooner than you might think.
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Armed & Nursing

Breastfeeding and being armed can both individually cause unwanted attention and a mother who chooses to breastfeed and carry a gun puts herself in a place of being doubly scrutinized.
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Fight or Flight - How It Affects Your Baby

Being a firearms carrier and instructor I was very familiar with the term "Fight or Flight" but in an outwardly-danger type of environment and I was interested in hearing more on how this could effect me as a pregnant woman.
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