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Personal & Home Defense

Summertime Safety

Have you made the necessary arrangements for the safe storage of your firearms with the kids around or when you’re traveling?  Having a firearm for personal protection means a balance between secure storage options that still leave the firearm accessible to you if needed.
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Your Home Defense Plan - with Kids

Our previous post discussed having a home defense plan if your household does not include children. In this post, we discuss how that plan needs to be different for a household with kids.
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Your Home Defense Plan - No Kids

Do you even have a home defense plan? Or do you think you’ll quickly be able to come up with that plan AFTER you hear the sound of breaking glass? 
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Street Encounters and You

This was originally posted on by a forum member and former law enforcement officer. It is re-posted here in the author's original format, without editing, correction or changes.
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How Close is Too Close?

The Tueller study is credited with first establishing the importance of maintaining a “reactionary gap”. This article by Dennis Tueller first appeared in the March 1983 issue of SWAT magazine.
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