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  • Shooting Smarter: Beginner Tips from Experienced Gun Owners

    3 min read

    Learning how to shoot is a major move for almost everyone. There's a whole lot to learn, and we sometimes wish we had known some of it earlier.

    We wanted to uncover the lessons our social media followers wished they knew when they began their journey, so we asked them, "What did you wish you knew when you first started shooting?" Many of their answers were insightful, and we think they're worth sharing.

    Here are some top tips and advice from people who were once in your shoes.

    Training and Practice

    Getting the right start in shooting means learning from someone who knows what they're doing and keeping at it. Here’s some helpful advice on getting trained and making practice a regular part of your routine.

    Cassie R.: "Get training from a professional. Shooting isn't just for guys!"
    Ashley S.: "It’s going to be loud."
    Ruth R.: "Everyone will say they are a professional… find the right one."
    J.K.: "Practice a lot!!! It takes time to get better."
    Michelle S.: "Don’t fear the recoil. Work out, practice, and you’ll start to like it. A.P.: "Hold strong but don’t overdo it."

    Gear and Accessories

    The gear you choose can dramatically improve your shooting experience. These tips cover everything from finding the perfect holster to deciding if heavier firearms are better for you.

    Jamie L.: "Holsters are as important as purses."
    I.G.: "A good belt is key if you’re hiding your gun."
    Christine K.: "Heavier is better. And once you try a dot sight, you won't go back."

    Firearms Selection and Ownership

    Picking the right gun is personal and can be tricky. Here’s what people say about choosing guns and why it’s hard to stop at just one.

    M.B.: "Don’t just buy what others tell you. Try lots of guns first."
    Jo Marie M.: "I wish I bought more guns and ammo when I started."
    Susie M.: "You’ll always want more than one gun. Different types, more ammo."
    Vanessa G.: "I always end up wanting another gun."

    Personal Experience and Preferences

    Shooting is a personal journey with its own ups and downs. These reflections highlight the personal side of shooting, from taking a moment to breathe to the joy of continuous learning.

    Ana S.: "Breathe."
    Roxanne H.: "Start early, and never stop learning."
    Absence C.: "It can get expensive fast, and mistakes happen. It’s all part of learning."

    Safety and Handling

    Safety is the one of most important parts of learning to shoot. Here’s some advice on how to keep things safe, especially when you're just starting out:

    Sharon S.: "Work on safety. Practice with an empty gun at home. Aim and gently pull the trigger without firing."
    Jules B.: "Avoid low-cut tops!"
    S.L: "Skip the cute V-neck shirt!"

    Ammunition and Maintenance

    Ammo and gun maintenance are crucial for every shooter. Here's some advice from those who've been there on managing your ammunition and keeping your firearm in top shape.

    Jeffery C.: "Learn how to reuse ammo."
    C.M.: "Always be ready to buy more ammo."
    J.T.: "Take care of your gun. Especially if you carry it."
    L.M.: "Clean your guns after every time you shoot."

    Our best advice for new shooters? Start at your own pace, but don't be afraid to push yourself a little bit. It's ok to stay in your comfort zone when you're first learning to shoot, but you'll need to push yourself a little outside your comfort level to make good progress.

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