A Guide to Buying the Right Concealed Carry Purse

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Shopping for a concealed carry purse can quickly get overwhelming since there are more options and features available than ever before. With so many different styles and features, which concealed carry purse should you choose?

While it might be tempting to choose a purse that is similar to the one you've used for years, it's much more important to choose one with the right safety features and conveniences. Here's some guidance on how to choose the right concealed carry purse, including which features are considered must-haves.

Mandatory Concealed Carry Purse Features

These are the most important features for any purse designed for concealed carry. These items need to be included for the purse to be considered safe: 

A separate compartment for your firearm: This is probably the most important feature — it's not safe to carry a firearm in a purse unless it's completely separate from everything else in your purse. Carrying a firearm in a purse or bag that isn't designed for concealed carry is downright dangerous — something can easily get caught in the trigger.



A purse holster: Even if a concealed carry purse has a dedicated compartment, your firearm still needs to be in a holster. Some purses come with a universal holster that fits several gun types. The holsters most purse manufacturers include with the bags are a place to start, but they will not be a perfect fit for many guns. They're usually made with nylon or elastic, so the gun won't "snap in" and they don't offer retention. We strongly recommend using a dedicated purse holster built specifically for your gun model. This type of holster has velcro on one side of the holster and will attach to the velcro inside the purse.

Optional Concealed Carry Purse Features

These are the features and accessories that makes carrying your purse more convenient and secure:

Locking zippers: Some carry purses come with locking zippers, which provide an extra layer of security. These zippers include keys to lock the zippers in place.

Cut-resistant metal wire: these slash-resistant wires are included inside the straps to give you added security. They make a purse resistant to someone trying to cut it off of you.

Material upgrades: The material of a purse is important to consider because you'll want something that will be durable, especially if you're in bad weather conditions. This can include features like genuine leather or high-quality faux leather, stitched seams, or waterproofing. Having these features helps a concealed carry purse stay in good shape over time.

Extra touches: some purses include special touches like rubber or metal feet, hidden internal pockets, or magnetic snap closures. These items make carrying a purse more convenient and can also make them look more stylish.

Concealed Carry Purse Styles

Now that you know what a purse needs to include, it's time to choose a style. There are many different styles available for purses with concealed carry capabilities. Here's a quick overview of the most common types:

Crossbody purses: these purses are designed with a long, adjustable strap so it can be be worn diagonally across the body. This design helps you protect your purse by keeping it closer to your body.



Clutches: these purses are generally smaller purses with a dedicated compartment and just enough room to carry your essentials. They're a good choice for minimalists and anyone who doesn't need to carry a lot of extra items.


Satchels:these purses can be formal or casual purses. They often have handles, and some include a strap so you have more choices on how you would like to carry it.



Totes: these purses are usually larger and can carry several other items. Besides a dedicated firearm compartment, they sometimes have multiple pockets inside so you can keep all your stuff organized.



Backpack purses: these hybrid purses come in all shapes and sizes and the larger ones are great if you have bulky items to haul around with you.



To pick the right purse for your lifestyle, think about the purse you already own and how much you plan to put in it (other than your firearm). Then, consider your personal style — are you going for a more casual look, something that looks great from day to night, or a purse that works for special occasions?

The most important thing to remember when looking for a concealed carry purse is that the safety features are truly necessary. Make sure whichever bag you choose has all of these qualities, then use it with confidence knowing you'll have your firearm with you in case you need it.

No matter which purse you choose, remember that carrying a firearm in a purse requires a lot of responsibility. You must stay with it at all times and take it off your body as little as possible.

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