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Essential Range Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Whether you're a new shooter or a pro, you're probably taking the same things out to the range - eye and ear protection, ammo, and of course, your firearm. In addition to those must-have items, there are a few things you may not have thought of that will make your range trip even more fun!

What are those essential range accessories? Read on to find out!

A Magazine Loader Will Save Your Hands

Loading magazines all day is really hard on your hands, so having a magazine loader like an UpLULA is a necessity for every range bag. It's easy to use, amazing for those with hand strength issues and it will make getting those last rounds in your magazine a breeze.

A Towel is About The Most Useful Thing A Shooter Can Have

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy jokes aside, a range towel can come in handy on the range. it's even better if you have more than one - use one for your hands and another for things that may get the towel dirty.

Keep it Together With an Accessory Pouch

The more often you go to the range, the more little things start collecting at the bottom of your range bag. Eventually, it becomes impossible to find those things! An accessory pouch is a perfect place to put those small items like foam earplugs, bore snakes, chapstick, and all those other items that usually get lost in your bag.

Get the Lead Out

Handling guns, ammo, and range accessories like steel targets can all leave a little lead behind on your hands. Don't take that lead home with you, take care of it right away with lead remover wipes. This type of wipe is designed to lift and hold lead and take them away without smearing.

A Stitch in Time Saves Your Range Trip

Have you ever been at the range and lost a button or ended up with a hole in something? We sure have and it can put a kink in an otherwise good range trip. Put a pocket-sized sewing kit into your range bag (inside your accessory pouch, of course) and you'll always be prepared for a wardrobe malfunction!

All of these essential items are inexpensive and will go a long way toward making sure your range trips are stress-free. Is there a must-have item you keep in your bag that we missed? Tell us about it!

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